Choosing A Surf School in Costa Rica

Corky Carroll's Surf School Costa Rica Surf Resort Sign

Property: Are you staying in a hotel or someone’s personal “resort”?

Our guests stay with us on our private land. We have 6 bungalows that wrap around our own private pool. Great picture of the pool and rooms on our homepage of the site. We are not open to the public for walk up 1 night guests. It becomes a real family and friends atmosphere for all of our guests. Our private kitchen/restaurant/rancho is only open to OUR guests. 90% of all other Costa Rica surf schools put their GUESTS in random hotels that are also open to the public. The other surf schools will then drive over to these places and pick up their guests to take them to go surf. We are in Nosara Costa Rica (the Guanacaste Peninsula).

Beach Access: How close is the property that your staying at to the beach??? We are located just a 4 minute walk to the beach. Good picture of the beach access trail on our site.

Lessons: Does the surf school do group lessons (these are not good) or private 1 on 1 lessons, We offer unlimited 1 on 1 lessons. We do no group lessons. WE also Video tape every 1 on 1 lesson in the morning. We than do video critique after lunch as a group on our 50inch Sony flat screen. We have a Apple TV to do extra edits.

Surfboards: What type of surfboards do they have?? We are one of the Few schools that have real Authentic hand shaped surfboards. Most schools use the Costco models or some other China mas manufactured model (neither are real boards). We have over a 100 surfboards on hand for our guests to use. This allows them to pick the board that not only fits them but also fits the wave conditions that are happening that day. We also have Authentic hand-shaped SOFT surfboards as well (Liquid-shedders &storm blades).

First timers or seasoned surfers: 75% of our guests are return customers. Which means we have and are taking their surfing out of the beginner level. Our family and friends atmosphere allows for return/ more seasoned surfers to enjoy it and our first timers/ beginner surfers to learn from our past guests how it is to learn how to surf. We get seasoned surfers from our Huntington beach location to First timers from South Dakota. We get people from all over the world.

Outside activities: Zip line, horseback riding, quad rental, car rental (National & Alamo walking distance from us), bicycle rental, shopping, yoga, message / spa, minute golf. The 19 years of doing business in costa Rica allows us to have the best knowledge on all the outside activity companies. We book all your outside activities and we organize your transportation to the activity.