Booking & Cancellation Policy

For Camps

Reservations & Deposit

When you reserve your kiddo’s camp we ask for a $80 deposit to hold your spot. You’ll then pay the remainder (minus that deposit) the first day of camp.

Cancellation Policy

We’ve got kids of our own and totally get that the best-laid plans can change. But please note there is a $30 processing fee for a cancellation. We’ll refund you the rest of your deposit minus that fee. We just ask that you kindly let us know by the Wednesday prior to your camp start. So if the first day of your camp is on Monday the 10th, we ask that you let us know by that prior Wednesday on the 5th.

Late Notice & No-Shows

Bailing last minute is a huge bummer. If you cancel after that Wednesday or no-show, there’s a $100 charge plus the lost deposit. Missing the first day without notice also forfeits your camp spot for the week. So please cancel ahead to avoid all that.

We’re a small business and every spot counts for us, and we really want to ensure those waiting to get into camp have a chance to do so. Cheers!

For Surf Lessons

Reservations & Payments

We like to keep things easy. Schedule online hassle-free. No payment required upfront. We just need a credit card to hold your spot. We’ll then settle up on lesson day. We accept card, cash or Venmo.

Cancellation Policy

Hey, stuff happens. No worries if you can’t make your lesson. Just give a 24-hour heads up. This way we can share the spot with someone else. If you bail, or cancel with less than 24 hours notice, there’ll be a no-show/last-minute cancellation fee of:

  • 1-3 Person Lesson: $60 total
  • 4-5 Person Lesson: $120 total
  • 6+ Person Lesson: $180 total

But that almost never happens. You want to surf. We really want you to surf. So let’s make it happen!