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  • Costa Rica Surf School
    In Costa Rica all surf lessons are 1 instructor to 1 student ratio.
  • Perfect Waves to Learn On
    We offer surf lessons at Bolsa Chica State Beach in Huntington Beach and Nosara, Costa Rica -- two perfect waves for beginners.
  • The original surf school of Huntington Beach at Bolsa Chica State Beach
    A 2nd Generation Family Operated Surf School since 1996

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Costa Rica Surf Camp – Share an Incredible Surfing Experience…

Costa Rica Surf Camp – Visit http://www.surfschool.net/

Would it be great to travel to some exotic spot and discover something fascinating and fun? There is nothing that is as much fun as surfing, and going to a Costa Rica surf camp to do merely that makes it that much more enjoyable. A location where you can delight in some of the most magnificent wild animals, azure blue waters, and besides all that you acquire to find out exactly how to surf.

Costa Rica is one of the ideal places to learn to surf, because of the fantastic assortment of seasides, with various wave types at each beach. Plus, the Costa Rica surf camp is an excellent spot to hang with people from across the globe, who have the exact same interests. A few of the very best and longest friendships have been made at Corky Carroll’s Costa Rica Surf camp.

If you rest on the seaside, and wish you could possibly surf better, then our camp is the very best location to improve rapidly. At the Costa Rica surf camp you invest your days learning to surf and your evenings appreciating the company of your surfing buddies.

Our private area in Costa has terrific slow rolling waves that are absolutely incredible for learning to surf. These beaches have the tendency to be less congested, a lot more restful and a great deal more enjoyable, than any other beaches.
If exotic surfing is your dream, desire, or would certainly be interest, then its time to quit dreaming and time to begin finding out, and you could do that quite effortlessly at Corky Carroll’s Costa Rica surf camp. Go out and appreciate life, and start by learning to surf at Surfschool.net’s Costa Rica surf camp.

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