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    Celebrating 20 Years!
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    The original surf school of Nosara, Costa Rica
    C.C.S.S. established the first surf school in Huntington Beach in 1996 than journeyed to Costa Rica in 1998
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    Consistent Waves for all levels of surfing
    We offer surf lessons at Nosara, Costa Rica and Bolsa Chica, in Huntington Beach-- two ideal waves for all levels of surfing.
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    Costa Rica Surf Package
    Exclusively 1on1 private surf lessons and/or advanced surf coaching with daily video

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excerpt from ocregister.com by Laylan Connelly:

Want surf lessons? Here’s how to find licensed surfing instructors while avoiding the pirates

As an instructor from Corky Carroll’s Surf School gave 9-year-old Maya Madden a gentle push into the whitewash at Bolsa Chica State Beach, her mother snapped photos.

It was Maya’s first surf lesson. And for the Maddens, an Ohio family vacationing in Orange County, getting instruction from a legitimate instructor was key.

“We’re from the Midwest; we’re landlocked. She hasn’t had much experience with ocean swimming,” Tiffany Madden, Maya’s mom, said after the recent lesson.

“We definitely wanted an experience that was going to be fun and safe.”

That experience, for the Maddens and thousands of other wannabe surfers, boiled down to a simple choice: They could turn to a licensed surf instructor, or they could pick from among dozens of individual surfers and others who advertise surf-instruction services online, often at cheaper prices.

Cities are grappling with how to wipe out illegal operators. But for the licensed surf school operators – small businesses with overhead that includes taxes and insurance – the pirates mean just one thing.

“It’s like the Wild West,” said Corky Carroll’s Surf School founder Rick Walker.

…read the entire article at http://www.ocregister.com/articles/surf-667854-beach-city.html?

 Choose a Safe & Legal Surf School

Corky Carroll's Surf School instructor, Sam Cecil is all smiles as his student, Jules DeSoto gets up on a wave at Bolsa Chica State Beach. ADDITIONAL INFO. 01surfschools.0624.mg - 06/11/2015  -   MANDATORY CREDIT: MICHAEL GOULDING, ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER Cities are grappling with how to curb illegal surf lesson businesses, and  legit businesses are irked these operations don't have to pay taxes or  play by the rules. Shoot a pair of kids getting lessons at Corky Carroll  Surf School, a legit business, and founder Richard Walker, who has been  fighting with the city of Huntington Beach to beef up their enforcement.

Corky Carroll’s Surf School instructor, Sam Cecil is all smiles as his student, Jules DeSoto gets up on a wave at Bolsa Chica State Beach.

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