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Costa Rica
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welcome to Corky Carroll's

home5Family owned and operated since 1996

Authentic surfing experience for all ages and abilities in Huntington Beach, Crystal Cove and Nosara, Costa Rica.

  • We are international: multiple locations
  • 21 years of experience
  • Sponsored by Jack’s Surfboards
  • Professional, family-owned business
  • Private surf lessons available to all ages
  • 8 programs offered that meet every level
  • Ideal location: uncrowded beach with calm waves
  • Legally operating under State of California permit
  • Instructors have background checks, onsite training & CPR certifications

Costa Rica
Done Right

Corky Carroll's surf camp in Nosara, Costa Rica is a family and friends atmosphere for all of our guests. The restaurant and rooms are only open to OUR guests...


to Surf

Follow these seven steps in learning how to surf and you will soon be on your way in becoming the best surfer you can be through respect for the ocean and self...


Sharks at
Bolsa Chica?

Out of the 180 shark attacks dated from 1900 until present day throughout North America’s Pacific Ocean, only four have occurred in Huntington Beach...


Learn Surfing
Summer Camp

Summer surf camp is an excellent option for your children to discover surfing in a safe and controlled environment that will leave a lasting impression...