Where is your surfing school located?
Our surfing school is located at Bolsa Chica State Beach Lifeguard Tower 18 is located approximately 2.5 miles north of the Huntington Beach Pier.

Directions from Los Angeles area:
Take connecting freeways to the I 405 south exit Bolsa Chica Road just before exit to the Garden Grove Freeway 22. Continue (south) approximately five miles until Warner Avenue turn right (west) until Pacific Coast Hiway turn left (south) exactly one and half miles is the entrance to Bolsa Chica State Beach. Turn left and proceed exactly three parking lots to the surfschool. Tower 18 is to the direct south but we are directly to the beach.

Directions from South of Huntington Beach:
Take connecting freeways to I 405 north exit Warner Avenue. Follow instruction above from Warner Avenue.

What age should I start my youngster surfing?
Every youngster is different but generally eight is a good age to begin.

What age is too old to begin surfing?

How dangerous is surfing?
Surfing can be very dangerous without proper instruction and lack of ocean knowledge.

What program group or private lessons is best suited for me or my youngster
Everyone is different but the general recommendation is adult (private) and youngster (group)

Why is it better for youngsters to learn in group lessons?
I believe that youngsters do better in a group situation. Where they have someone else to watch equal to themselves.

Which program would be better for my youngster learning to surf full or half days?
I always recommend full days because of the constant instruction. Also the youngsters bond with each other in their groups and seem to get it quicker

How does the daily surf camp schedule work?
The schedule whether full or half day is in the water for an hour and rest for an hour. This format is repeated through out the day for full or half day.

How does the group lessons work?
Our student to instructor ratio is three instructors for every ten students. The students are placed in groups according to age and ability. Groups are never larger than five. In addition the group instruction for every ten students in the water we also have an instructor on shore with a megaphone watching and assisting the students.

What equipment is provided?
The surf school provides surfboards and spring wetsuits. Corky Carroll’s Surf School is very proud of the equipment we provide. We manufacture Seahorse surfboards specifically for learning to surf. The student is provided a surfboard based on height and weight. We also offer Seahorse Surfboards for sale.

How long will it take to learn surfing?
Surfing is a process in which the best results begin with proper instruction and supported with supervised practice.

Should I learn to surf on a soft board?
Our recommendation is NO. If you want to learn how to surf learn on a real surfboard.

How do I know what surfboard is best for me?
When learning to surf always purchase a surfboard based on your height and weight. There are surfboards designed specifically for beginning. Which we have Seahorse Surfboards.

Why is Bolsa Chica State Beach a excellent place to learn how to surf?
There are a number of reasons. The bottom shelf at Bolsa Chica is shallower than other beaches, therefore, producing about 30% smaller waves. It is generally considered a longboard wave. The crowds are substantially lighter and friendlier. Also surfing is allowed the entire day (no black ball).

If my youngster is interested in more than one week of surf camp should he/she do the weeks consecutive?
My basic answer to a specific question regarding a youngster is you know your youngster better than me. However, generally speaking I would break up the weeks.

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