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Costa Rica’s fourth 2014 Olympus National Surfing Circuit competition is coming March 15 and 16 to the beautiful south Pacific beach of Dominical. The Marley Cup will be held in front of the well-known Tortilla Flats beachfront restaurant and bar at Dominical. The competition is named for principal sponsor House of Marley, which sells earth-friendly products inspired by legendary reggae singer Bob Marley’s vision of “One Love, One World.”

The long black volcanic sand beach of Dominical is situated on the southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, where the coastal and mountain highways meet. Dominical is known for strong, fast, hollow waves, and is popular with experienced surfers looking for good, consistent waves and the quiet, laid-back vibe of the southern coast. This is one of the few beaches of Costa Rica with lifeguards on duty for the powerful surf and strong currents.

Three-time national champion Gilbert Brown is in first place overall for the Men’s Open Division, followed by Enoc Santana in second place and Maykol Torres in third. The 2013 National Champion Jair Perez is currently in 9th position for the season, but there are still five more competitions to go before the finals. Jacó surfer Luis Vindas is being hyped as the man to beat; he won the Dominical competition three of the past four years.

National rankings have Lisbeth Vindas in the number one position for the Women’s Open Division, followed by Leilani McGonagle in second place and Emily Gussoni in third. McGonagle is in the number one slot for Junior Women. The 2012 National Champion Nataly Bernold is currently in 5th place, having missed the first competition of the season thus making her low in points.

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How to Surf –

4 Tips For Learning to Surf Successfully


In some cases the hardest factor for beginning surfers is the intial embarrassment of not being excellent at the sport right away. We don’t know a single person who jumped in the water without a little humility and trepidation about learning how to surf.

Keenly watching other surfers is especially worthwhile if you are having difficulty gathering courage to jump right into waves. If you’re frantically struggling at learning to surf while the surfer next to you is catching every wave that comes by, you have some work to do. Watching and learning from local surfers who have much better wave know-how of the local break, and also their understanding of the wave provides them an edge.

Tip # 1: Watch and learn to surf from good local surfers, then add their strengths into your surfing.

As you’re out there on the beach noting various other surfers’ rides while you, in turn, paddle for waves and fall…utilize that to your benefit. Consider your falls and failings as something worth learning from and also try to figure out just what the best surfers are doing so that you could fix your approach.

Tip # 2: Pick the appropriate beach and break to learn how to surf.

Make sure you learn how to surf at a beach that is beginner friendly and offers a mildly sloping wave that is easier to ride. You will gain confidence much quicker and have more fun too!

Idea # 3: Make a list and learn to surf from your own mistakes.

Many times beginning surfers make mistakes that prevent them from effectively riding waves. Make a list of points that you and other beginners do incorrect and also aim to improve your very own mistakes from that list. Review that list every time you paddle out and see if you can shorten that list!

Tip # 4: Keep paddling out…stay consistent and keep at it for a month!

Get in the water as much as possible and challenge yourself to ride as many waves as you can…You will be amazed at how much you improve when you are consistently surfing!

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Do Something Inspiring! –

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Wouldn’t it be inspiring to take a trip to an exotic location and discover something intriguing and enjoyable? There is absolutely nothing that is as much fun as learning to surf, and going to a classic Costa Rica surf camp to do simply that makes it even better. A location where you could delight in some of the most fantastic wild animals, azure blue waters, not to mention learning how to surf.

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Some Costa Rica surf camp locations like ours in Nosara have excellent, mild rolling waves and are perfect for brginning to surf. These surf camps often be much less crowded, much more relaxing and a whole lot more enjoyable, compared to other coastlines.

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