Open year round

We focus on safety first, having fun second, then learning to surf.

All programs include use of wetsuits and “real” surfboards.

Location – located at Bolsa Chica State Beach, the state beach provides bathrooms with hot and cold water showers 20 yards from our camp with plenty of parking and easy pick-up and drop-off. A beach break (no rocks) consistently 30% to 40% smaller in wave size compared to other southern California surf breaks. Less crowds and NO agressive locals, giving your youngster the best possible option for conditions making it safer and easier.


Real surfing fundamentals –  to ensure the best exposure to surfing we support our teaching with testing drills to assure the students are getting the best surfing experience.


Authentic hand-shaped surfboards – We use authentic hand-shaped surfboards, opposed to soft boards or manufactured plastics. Being introduced to an authentic hand-shaped surfboard teaches safety and confidence instead of re-learning these skills after switching to a “real” surfboard.


Why Choose us?

  • Location ( cleanest beach in the U.S. ) 
  • Real surfing fundamentals
  • Authentic hand-shaped surfboards

We are here for you, whether you have never touched a surfboard, ready to move to the next level, or you want to switch to a shortboard, we have the programs you need. All of our lessons include coached and supervised practice sessions. We are teaching our students on authentic handshaped surfboards for a real surfing experience.

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