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Hottest Surf Hotels In Huntington Beach


With so many Southern California beaches to choose from, there’s no question why Huntington Beach has become the most popular tourist destination in Orange County. Almost 10 miles of white sand and breaking waves line the shore of this bustling beach city, providing all day entertainment for swimmers, surfers and beach goers. Whether you’re visiting for surf lessons, music festivals, bonfires on the sand or shopping at the new Pacific City, HB has it all. If you’re wondering where to stay when traveling to Surf City, allow me to simplify your life. Here’s a list of the best and highest rated surf hotels in Huntington Beach, all of which are located steps from the sand along the iconic Pacific Coast Highway.


Coming in at the priciest one on our list, this click and trendy, newly constructed, pet friendly, high-end hotel is situated across the street from the Pacific Ocean. Pasea Hotel  Features contemporary rooms and suites with ocean views, a rooftop bar & lounge, outdoor pool, yoga, luxury spa services and free WiFi. It is especially popular with the younger crowds given its prime location, right next to Pacific City. This comes in as our #1 surf hotel in Huntington Beach 


A long-time favorite amongst visitors and locals, this upscale resort is located across from the beach and features Spanish architecture, upgraded rooms and suites with traditional decor, five restaurants, three pools, a kids club, fitness center and free continental breakfast. 


This well known and popular, beach-inspired Hilton hotel features some extra resort amenities that make it an excellent choice for families. Stylish and contemporary rooms and suites offer guests a choice of city or ocean views. Showcasing tropical outdoor pools, waterslides, cabanas, beach equipment and multiple venue spaces, this resort provides everything for your vacation or special event.


A stylish, surf-themed 4-star rated boutique hotel that sits within steps of the famous Main St. hub. This property is set across from the beach and zero minutes from nightlife, bars, restaurants and retail shops. There’s no pool at this hotel but it does boast a 24-hour fitness center with a 40’ bouldering wall, complimentary beach cruisers and a wine hour. Perfect for travelers and beach goers that want to be right in the mix of all the entertainment.


A less expensive, no frills hotel located north along Pacific Coast Hwy, close to Huntington’s Bolsa Chica State Beach and Sunset Beach. Clean and classic guest rooms, some with balconies that offer a view of Huntington Harbour, free WiFi and continental breakfast. Close to the beach, Starbucks, restaurants and the #1 rated surf school and kids beach camp in Huntington Beach.

So there you have it! The hottest, trendiest, highest rated and favorite hotels in the HB area. There are more, unlisted options in the city but none with the level of amenities, views, service or close proximity to the sand as the hotels mentioned above. Wherever you choose to stay, there’s no shortage of fun in the sun when you visit Huntington Beach.

If you are staying in the area and you want to learn from the best surf school in town go check out Private Surf Lessons


Father’s Day Surfing

Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner and the never-ending question of what to get Dad is finally over. The gift of surfing is a memorable experience, rather than another item stacked on the shelf. Whether it’s sharing a beach day with the family or Dad getting out into the water and challenging waves on his own, it provides an experience to get outdoors and enjoy nature in the Californian sunshine.

father's day dad day

Father’s Day at Corky Carroll’s Surf School: 

Corky Carroll’s Surf School has been providing surfing lessons for over 20 years with a team of instructors that have strong knowledge and experience in surfing, so Dad is in safe hands.

The location of the surf school at Bolsa Chica State Beach in Huntington Beach is an amazing spot for Dad’s first time because of the relaxed surfing conditions. Surf City’s Bolsa Chica State Beach has a gentle break, a sand bottom, and mild water temperatures year-round making it an ideal spot for Dad to learn how to surf. This will make his Father’s Day the best yet 

Lessons for Dad

If Dad is a beginning surfer or just wanting to improve his skills, Corky Carroll’s Surf School has lessons available for all levels. A friendly and knowledgeable instructor, wetsuit, and wide selection of surfboards will be provided for Dad to have an unforgettable Father’s Day!

For further information on private lessons: Click Here

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Back to the Beach 2018

There is a lot more going on at the beach this Spring and Summer than you might think. Check it out with me! Let’s go to the beach!



Huntington Beach is taking getting back to the beach to a new level of family fun for 2018 with activities and events for everyone. We couldn’t be more stoked!

Beach body ready or not ,Let’s KICK IT!!!

It’s Back to the Beach Fest 2018


Hey Guys Howzit, I am Bruddah Chris. I will be hovering and covering awesome events, entertainment and anything that shines bright in our surf culture. If it’s  happening here in Huntington Beach. I am gonna check it out.  So be sure to check back every couple of weeks for all the latest in what’s hattnin here at da beach. Mahalo, I appreciate you.

I love this time of year!   It is April and time to get back to the Beach. If you love surf culture, live music, food, drinks, crafts, arts and awesome party’s then HB is the place to be this Spring and Summer.

Surf City is kicking off the 2018 Festival Season this Saturday and Sunday April 28, 29.

Travis Barker and Feldy in partnership with KROQ are hosting a lil family friendly beach bash jammy jam. Guess what they are calling it?…

They are calling it “Back to the Beach Fest 2018”

So stoked as the artist lineups for both Saturday 28, and Sunday 29,  are packed nadz with killer bands. Some of  music’s most respected and recognizable sun punk bands representing  our surf, skate, bike, wind sailing, sandy pants, epic vibes, sun-n-fun, SoCal life style will be throwing down hot licks and rootsie good tunes.

 Bands like the Aquabats, the Mighty Mighty Bostones, 311, and Long Beach’s Sublime with Rome will be kicking the funky, phat party tunes in the dunes. RIGHT ON THE BEACH.. BOYYYY!!!

Gromms under 10 are free!

Links to Single day and full weekend passes can be found here Back to the Beach Fest Info

You will also find all the Beach Fest 2018 info including BUT NOT LIMITED TO the lists of allowable and unallowable items that can be brought into the festival area- i.e.

  • No glass is allowed, you can bring a refillable plastic water bottle
  • Blankets and low backed chairs are allowed as well
  • No outside food or drink will be allowed
  • Sorry evil doers, no bad vibes allowed. (Message from the Aquabats)

 Free parking will be available at Edison High School along with a shuttle service that will be providing safe rides to and from the Festival event area for a fee.

Family friendly games and a “PUNK kids zone” will be part of the festivities.

With all the action and skankin around you are bound to get hungry and thirsty.

Food and beverages will be off the chains. Delicious organic and vegan grinds, and Meaty Carnivorous options will be abundant. Craft beers and cocktails “will be flowing like the Salmon of Capistrano.”- L. Christmas

It’s enough to give you that gleaming with a sense of Nirvana feeling, ya know? Like being in heaven. This event is so loaded with fun for the whole family I can’t imagine a better way to launch into the festival season. It’s gonna be so rad. Hanging with the wahini  and the grommets. Enjoying in one of the worlds most beautiful festival settings available. Just soaking in all the shine I can handle. This party is gonna be as rad as we make it. Be the vibe you wanna see. Smile, Have a killer time.

  Want more action? Get Your Sea Legs On

Sea Legs at the Beach I can not wait to spend more time here. Now that they have regular hours for the season. Sea Legs at the beach is open to all ages. A fun combination of restaurant and entertainment venue. Sea Legs at the Beach is a glorious oasis of bitchin built right on the sand. Enjoy the best of HB life style and entertainment. Located on the Huntington Beach Bike path. It’s an epic spot to chill out, grab a bite and a cold frosty brew or a hand mixed cocktail while enjoying free live entertainment. Relax and soak in the vibes of the Pacific. April 29 and every Sunday it’s Reggae Sunday at Sea Legs

Legendary  DJ / VJ / and TV personality Richard Blade is a regular host of parties and events at Sea Legs On the Beach. Getting it poppin off with a 70’s & 80’s flashback, this years Cinco de Mayo party is gonna be glorious with live music provided by the smooth, cool sounds of Yachty By Nature. Find out more about location, menu, and entertainment options here  Reggae Sundays and Richard Blade’s Cinco de Mayo Beach Party

I hope you will be down to check out  Surf City Nights Farmers Market and Crafts Fair in Down town HB Every Tuesday  http://www.huntingtonbeachevents.com/calendar.html

So much to do between surf lessons and sessions. It’s all happening right now. No need to wait. Something great is happening in HB right now and you can be part of it..

sun flower

April is gorgeous at the beach in Huntington Beach, Ca.

Even if you still need it to warm up a little before you get back into the water. Mother Nature is doing her Spring beauty thing at the beach. The flowers are popping off and all the little critters that come with them are thawing out and bouncing around. Summer is right around the corner and Surf City is ready to party.

HB animals

Back to the Beach trailer  “What is a Kahuna? Is it good to have a big one”- line from Back to the Beach a movie From Paramount Pictures 1987 -good clean family surf film starring Frankie and Annette. Recapturing the magic of their on screen relationship and the result is a huge beach party for everyone. The band Fishbone makes an appearance to “Jamaica Ska” I like to think it’s a preview of what’s gonna go down at Beach Fest on Saturday and Sunday

For any of your surfing needs go to our Surf School and find out more details

Thanks for reading guys! Be sure to check back in a couple of weeks for more on what’s hattnin in Huntington.

Chaka, Mahalo,

Bruddah Chris


  by Chris Benton

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Huntington Beach Surf Spots

Huntington Beaches Surfing Spots

Brookhurst Street: Huntington Beach 

This surf spot is on the south end of Huntington Beach, Ca. It is located right next to the Santa Ana River Mouth. The combination of drainage from the storm drains and the tidal surge from the hb marshes makes this surf spot dirty. Overall this wave is pretty good most of the time and can be excellent on the right swell mix. The wave is pretty steep and hollow and can get pretty closed out on bigger S and WNW swells. It is not a beginner wave I would recommend to anyone. The beaches are very long and if your a beginner you will need to surf the inside shorebreak because the outside is for advanced surfers. The biggest drawback is the water quality especially after even the smallest rain.

Surf city

South Side and North Side  Huntington Beach Pier is one of the most famous surf spots of all time.From reality tv stars to professional surfers everywhere, HB pier has everything you would want except for a beginner surfing wave. In the summer it has huge contests, crowds, and all kinds of other nonsense, most of which happens on land. Breaking the sides into two different surf spots is necessary because both provide different waves and atmosphere. The waves are very similar in shape on both sides but you get a very different feel and attitude as you move from one side to the other. The North side is open to surfing all year round while the South Side has black ball during summer. The crowd here is localized and some surfers can get aggressive towards people learning how to surf.


Huntington Beach Cliffs– This surf spot is a soft and slow wave most of the year. You can long board on the smaller days but it gets fast enough to short board on a lower tide, particularly with a swell combo. In the winter we get NW swells the change the wave from being soft to actually holding some size and being heavy. When there is swell and when there isn’t swell the cliffs have a good crowd on them. Most of the locals will surf it everyday and there are a lot of new beginner surfers trying as well. It can be localized at times during the year, but most the time you can find a spot in between others to have some fun. The walk down is more difficult compared to the surf spots to the south or north because of the rocky cliff. The dog beach is located right on the beach in front of the cliffs and can get very crowded for parking on summer days. Make sure you watch your step for dog poop!

hb cliffs

Bolsa Chica State Beach

There is no black ball at Bolsa Chica State Beach

Black ball is a yellow flag with a black circle that lifeguards put out meaning no surfing allowed. This happens because of the amount of tourists in the water. Even though there is no black ball it is still a lifeguarded beach. Lifeguards patrol the beach year round while lifeguard towers are staffed roughly from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. At Bolsa Chica State Beach there is no black ball, so that means surfing all day!


At Corky Carroll’s Surf School the conditions are important for beginning surfers. Bolsa Chica State Beach has a gentle break, a sand bottom, and mild water temperatures year-round making for ideal beginner conditions.

A gentle break allows students to learn how to surf on the outside and inside.

The inside is closer to the shore where the waves have already broken. This area is mostly white wash, which is waves that have broken and washed out. These waves are easier to get into and best for beginners. The outside waves at Bolsa Chica State Beach break slow, allowing beginner surfers to enjoy them as well. Unlike the beaches south of Bolsa Chica State Beach, such as the Huntington Beach cliffs or Newport Beach where the waves break faster.

A sand bottom allows for gentler impact when a wipeout happens.

A wipeout is when you fall off your surfboard and as a beginner it is inevitable. With a sand bottom the ground is soft, so it is less likely to get injured and safer for all ages and ability levels learning how to surf.

Go to our why bolsa chica blog! Bolsa Chica Blog

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Stingrays! Good-Bad-Neutral?

Stingrays! Bad or Good?

If you’re unsure about your stance on stingrays, we don’t blame you. They’re often portrayed as deadly, cold-blooded creatures who wield their venomous tails like a weapon. They’re also 99% of the time not hurtful or mean creatures. The best way to form an opinion is by learning a little more about the stingray.

When people see stingrays in the water the first reaction people make is get me out of the water! But they usually act kind and gentle around humans. Its only when a stingray feels threatened that beach-goers have to worry. Most of the stingray attacks in California happen when a human swims above or in front of them, either creating no escape route for the stingray or they accidentally step on them. Of course any animal that is cornered or scared can be dangerous, just as a stray dog can be dangerous if backed into a corner.

Trying to learn how to surf Private Surf Lessons

The stingrays do not want to eat or hurt you!

The diet of these creatures consists of small animals that live in the sand – mostly shellfish, small worms. The stingray feeds by hovering directly over the sand and fluttering the wing-like edges of its body disc to clear away the top level of sand. This exposes the little creatures that live just under the sand, and the stingray plops on top of them and eats them.


How to Avoid Stingray Attacks

Stingray Attacks  are more likely to happen to swimmers or surfers who are entering or exiting the ocean through shallow water and accidentally step on a stingray.

Naturally, the stingray will react. When the stingray is stepped on, it quickly whips its long tail forward and down, which jabs the stinger at the base of the tail into usually the foot or leg of the person. This is a defensive maneuver designed to remove the beachgoers foot from the stingray’s body, and it works. To avoid stepping on top of a stingray, beachgoers can shuffle their feet when entering and exiting the water. We call this the stingray shuffle! The Stingray Shuffle is simply sliding your feet along the sand instead of taking big steps. To a stingray, these sliding movements feel more like vibrations, which scares them away. If you take big long steps the stingray will not feel these vibrations and will stay put until you step on their backs, which most the time ends up in getting stung. Here is a video that will show you how to stingray shuffle. Go watch this video that demonstrates how to do the stingray shuffle and what to do if stung https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9a6QRcSBQec

ray shuffle

How to Treat an Injury

Treating stingray wounds requires submerging the affected area in water as hot as the individual can stand, around 110 degrees. If parts of the barb are not lodged into the wound, this type of treatment can easily be done at home instead of the doctor’s office; however, it’s important to note, if the barb is deeply lodged into the skin and/or the area does not seem to be healing, a trip to the emergency room and some antibiotics are in order. Carefully remove any surface debris from the wound with tweezers and continue to soak the area in hot water until the

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Why You Shouldnt Buy A Costco Surf Board

Summer is approaching soon!

So it’s almost that time of year to soak up the sun, hit the beach, and learn how to surf! A perfect spot to learn how to surf in Southern California is Bolsa Chica State Beach in Huntington Beach, also known as Surf City USA. Instead of running out to grab a soft-top surfboard from your nearest Costco, it’s best to take a lesson from the pros first!

Bolsa Chica State Beach is time and time again mentioned as one of the best places to learn how to surf in Southern California. That’s why Corky Carroll’s Surf School chose to teach surfing at this location and was the first surf school to ever open at Bolsa Chica State Beach! It’s a much safer decision to take a surfing lesson rather than purchase a Wavestorm soft-top from Costco with no previous experience.

Check out why Bolsa Chica is the best place to learn how to surf! Bolsa Chica State Beach

The benefits of taking a lesson first:

Surfing can be dangerous without proper instruction and lack of ocean knowledge. That’s why Corky Carroll’s is here to teach the ends and outs of surfing do and don’ts.

  1. Safety: Corky Carroll’s Surf school teaches surfers the importance of safety before getting in the water, such as the proper way to paddle out, rip currents, surf etiquette, and protecting yourself from the surfboard.
  2. Surfboard size: Corky Carroll’s Surf School will choose a surfboard that is suitable to the surfer’s skill set, height, and width. The surfboards at Corky Carroll’s are specifically designed for starting out surfers that are top-quality with the option of fiberglass or a high-performance soft-top surfboard.
  3. Knowledgeable instructors: All Corky Carroll’s instructors have years of experience surfing and teaching, along with CPR/first aid certifications and background checks.

When it comes to a surfboard, you pay for what you get. Buying a soft-top surfboard from Costco for 100$ is going to leave you with a poor-quality surfboard and experience. Let’s face it you don’t want to be a “kook” in the line-up.

The Wavestorm soft-top surfboard is known to soak up seawater and the leash is tangle-prone. Riding a Wavestorm typically earns a “newbie” badge in the surfing world. Surfers have joked that it moves like a school bus and it’s more like a bath toy than a surfboard.

waterlogged wavestorm

When it comes to a surfboard for learning Corky Carroll’s pick is StormBlade Surfboards. Their generous outlines and well calibrated thickness make surfing an unparalleled experience for beginners to advance. The strong yet forgiving foam layered construction provides a complete fun inspiring time in any surf condition. Try out our StormBlade Surfboards at Private Surf Lessons

StormBlade Surfboards encompass performance with style, only using high-quality materials. The soft-top surfboards are great for many different wave conditions and surfing levels. StormBlade makes learning easier with their style, performance, and quality to give the beginner a perfectly balanced wave-riding platform to surf.


Think twice about that Wavestorm 100$ Costco surfboard, the smart choice is to take a lesson with Corky Carroll’s and learn on a high-quality StormBlade surfboard.



What To Pack For A Day At Surf Camp & Beach Adventure

The essential packing list to bring for a day at Corky Carroll’s Surf Camp.


 What to pack! Thinking about going to surf camp or beach adventure this summer? Here at Corky Carroll’s Surf School we are pros at making a day out of going to the beach it’s almost like we live here. Enjoying a day of beach and ocean activities is generally the best place to spend a day off or an entire week at our Corky Carroll’s Surf Camp. From sunscreen to towels, you’re going to want to make sure you have all the necessities to get the most out of your camp experience! While enjoying a beach day at camp may seem pretty self explanatory, we have outlined some tips to ensure you maximize your fun! Here’s a quick beach packing list with all the essentials to help you pack quickly so you can get out the door and on your way! Go to our Huntington Beach Surf Camp page to join now! https://www.surfschool.net/huntington-beach-surf-camp

Beach Bag: First thing you need is a beach bag that you can fit all your items in. You don’t want to be carrying an arms-full of items when walking across the hot summer sand. Get yourself a spacious bag that has enough room to fit bulky items such as a towel, swimsuit, and extra pair of clothes.  We recommend that your bag has a zipper or something to cover up it up while you’re enjoying your beach activities so that the seagulls don’t get into your stuff.

Sunscreen: One of the most important things to take with you for a day in the sun. Even on a day where the weather looks overcast, you’re likely to get burnt as beaches tend to be very exposed to the elements. We recommend bringing a waterproof sunscreen with you but we do provide sunscreen if necessary. We choose Eco and skin friendly sunscreen such as Sun Bum and Zinka!

Sunscreen Beach Bag and Water

Sunscreen Beach Bag and Water

Lots of water: Don’t forget to bring along plenty of H2O. When surfing in the sun all day, even more water intake is required than on a regular day. It’s very important that you keep yourself hydrated whilst enjoying your beach day to avoid sunstroke and other related illnesses; with increased sweating in the sun, we tend to lose a lot of fluids, so make sure you drink moderate amounts of water often to avoid getting thirsty and therefore dehydrated. You can bring plastic water bottles but we recommend you bring a reusable water bottle from home so we can reduce our use of plastic. https://www.surfschool.net/blog/bolsa-chica-state-beach/

Swimwear: We recommend that you get your swimsuit on before you come to Corky Carroll’s Surf Camp so when you show up you can get in the water as soon as possible! We provide wet suits for all of our campers to wear, which we do recommend wearing while surfing, but it is not mandatory. If you know you are not going to want to a wet suit, you should wear a swimsuit that is sturdy enough not to fall off while surfing waves and swimming in the ocean. Most of our kids stay in the wet suits for the day but you are more than welcome to take it off during our out of water activities.

Snacks: Nothing increases your appetite quite like a day of running in the sand, hanging in the sun and wave surfing. Make sure that you bring plenty of snacks to keep your energy levels up! Fruit is a great option or anything else that doesn’t require preparation. If you’re taking sandwiches with you, remember that they may go soggy if not placed in a cool bag. Always pack more than you think you’ll need, as spending a day on the beach can take a lot of energy and you’ll want to keep your energy up for the surfing!

Towel, Hat, and Beach Bag

Towel, Beach bag, and Hat

Towels: One thing that you really can’t go to the beach without is a towel. Everyone needs a good towel to dry off with after a surf session, when eating your snack, and or when your tired and want to lay down in the sand. We would recommend choosing a bigger towel than you would use at home for more room to lay on and also a different patterned towel so you can recognize yours between other campers.

Flip Flops: Seriously, don’t forget your flip flops. There’s nothing worse than having to walk across the hot sand with your bare feet and it’s a real drag trying to put your socks or sneakers back on after you’ve spent the day soaking up the sun, sand, and water. Simply slip your flip flops on and you’re done and gone. We recommend your putting your initials on the sides and or choosing a distinct design so you don’t get yours mixed up with other campers.  

Sun Hat: We do provide shade for the campers under our Corky Carroll’s Surf Camp tents, but we recommend you also bring a hat. Hats do wonders for protecting your head, ears, face and neck while also keeping the sun out of your eyes. Even if you’re not a hat fan, just remind yourself that keeping those rays off your face will make a huge difference for the following day at surf camp.

A change of clothes: Ever get back to the car just to realize that you and your wet bathing suits and towels are about to ruin your car seats? Bringing an extra  pair of clothes will not only help you feel your most comfortable on the ride home, but it’ll make your parents happy also!

Empty plastic/reusable bag: This might sound like a strange one, but they’re great for keeping valuables dry and sand free.

Go to our Huntington Beach Surf Camp Photos Page https://www.surfschool.net/huntington-beach-surf-camp/huntington-beach-surf-camp-photos/

Sunscreen, Beach Bag, Water, Snack, Hat

Sunscreen, Beach Bag, Water, Snack, Hat


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2018 Resolutions: A New Year For A New You!

New Year Resolutions

Congratulations, you survived 2017 and you’re ready to surf into 2018 looking, living and feeling better than ever! You made your list of New Year’s resolutions and now it’s time to get started and conquer those goals to make a lifestyle. Read on to learn how the sport of surfing can help you Get Fit, Learn Something New and Travel this year…

Looking to make a lifestyle change or find a new passion? Let our Huntington Beach surf school introduce you to an active, healthy, fun learning experience through the sport of surfing. Our professional coaches provide private lessons that teach you ocean awareness & safety, step-by-step instructions and proper techniques, taking you from curious student to enthusiastic surfer. Our programs are perfect for kids and adults of all skill levels. Learning how to surf is a great way to start your year off right.
For more information about our program please visit our all – inclusive page.

New Year Resolution


Resolution #2: GET FIT
If you hate the gym and are looking for another way to get into shape, look no further. Surfing incorporates a whole-body workout and can help you burn calories, lose weight, tone your muscles and improve balance, strength and flexibility. This is achieved through a combination of cardio exercise and yoga-like stretching before and after sessions. Paddling, pushing up, standing and staying on the board requires your body to wake up and work out. Upper body, lower body and core muscle groups in your arms, legs, back and abs are all targeted when surfing. It doesn’t just benefit you physically either but also mentally, as surfing pulls you away from the stresses of everyday life and connects you with nature and the outdoors.


new year to learn something new

Resolution #3: TRAVEL
You made a promise to yourself that this year you’re finally going to take that vacation and explore a different part of the world. Keep your promise, pack your bags and let us take care of the rest! Our all-inclusive surf camp and ranch is hidden away in the beautiful and exotic destination of Nosara, Costa Rica. Private bungalows, freshly prepared meals, surf lessons, a lagoon-style pool and transportation to and from the airport are all included! Our private property is located just minutes from the stunning white sand beach of Playa Guiones where there lies a perfect, uncrowded, sandy bottom beach break. There’s also plenty of nearby entertainment and activities to soak up including world class yoga studios, fishing, horseback riding, snorkeling, turtle watching and ziplining to name a few.
For more information, please visit: https://www.surfschool.net/costa-rica-package/inclusive-costa-rica-surf-camp/

What are you waiting for? Give us a call and get started on your New Year’s resolutions today!

By: Alexis Folden


Why Bolsa Chica State Beach

Learn How to Surf at Bolsa Chica State Beach

Corky Carroll’s Surf School has chosen Bolsa Chica State Beach in Huntington Beach, California as the perfect place to learn how to surf! The surf school has run its entire 22 years at this beach. This area was once called “Tin Can Beach” because of the amount of debris cluttering the shore. In 1961 state parks took over the beach and cleaned it up. It now offers three miles of wide sandy beach between Seal Beach and Huntington Beach. Bolsa Chica State Beach was chosen for Corky Carroll’s Surf School because the location, conditions, and waves make it an unbeatable combination for learning how to surf in Southern California. https://www.surfschool.net/private-surf-lessons/

Location, Location

For a surf school easy access and good facilities are essential. The parking comes easy, the fresh water showers are crucial, and black ball is nonexistent here.

Located in Huntington Beach, ten minutes North of Main street.
Being close to downtown Huntington Beach, yet not in the center of it all makes it a less touristic spot. Also, the location provides easy access from the 405 freeway. The adults taking private surf lessons and the kids attending summer surf camp don’t have to fight for waves and there is plenty of space on the beach. Being close to Main Street in Huntington Beach provides many options for shopping and food nearby.

Unlike the rest of the crowded beaches, parking is not an issue.
Away from the Huntington Beach pier and Main Street makes it easier to find parking with less tourists. It has a massive parking lot with many spots.

The facilities at Bolsa Chica State Beach provide hot/cold showers and clean private bathrooms.
After a salty day in the water there’s nothing like being able to take a fresh water shower. Allowing the parents and kids to get the sand and salt off before heading home or to Pacific City for a fun afternoon of shopping and dining.

Bolsa Chica State Beach

3-mile stretch of sandy beach along the famous Pacific Coast Highway.
The 3-mile stretch of beach allows for a nice place to spend the day with the family. Come watch the students surf, while enjoying the surf and sun. Also, lifeguards are on duty during the summer months. Fun tip – The Pacific Coast Highway goes from Baja, Mexico all the way to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington!

Bolsa Chica State Beach and the surrounding area is a natural adventure.
Camping overnight is possible in an RV/Trailer at a designated camping area. It doesn’t get better than camping steps away from the sand overlooking the ocean. On the other side of Pacific Coast Highway is the Bolsa Chica Wetlands where you can stroll on long walking paths, visit the Bolsa Chica Nature Center, or watch the numerous species of birds.

There is no black ball at Bolsa Chica State Beach
Black ball is a yellow flag with a black circle that lifeguards put out meaning no surfing allowed. This happens because of the amount of tourists in the water. Even though there is no black ball it is still a lifeguarded beach. Lifeguards patrol the beach year round while lifeguard towers are staffed roughly from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. At Bolsa Chica State Beach there is no black ball, so that means surfing all day!

At Corky Carroll’s Surf School the conditions are important for beginning surfers. Bolsa Chica State Beach has a gentle break, a sand bottom, and mild water temperatures year-round making for ideal beginner conditions.

A gentle break allows students to learn how to surf on the outside and inside.
The inside is closer to the shore where the waves have already broken. This area is mostly white wash, which is waves that have broken and washed out. These waves are easier to get into and best for beginners. The outside waves at Bolsa Chica State Beach break slow, allowing beginner surfers to enjoy them as well. Unlike the beaches south of Bolsa Chica State Beach, such as the Huntington Beach cliffs or Newport Beach where the waves break faster.

A sand bottom allows for gentler impact when a wipeout happens.
A wipeout is when you fall off your surfboard and as a beginner it is inevitable. With a sand bottom the ground is soft, so it is less likely to get injured and safer for all ages and ability levels learning how to surf.

 The average summer temperatures of the Pacific Ocean in Huntington Beach range in the high 60s, while winter brings slightly cooler water temperatures ranging from the high 50s to low 60s.
With the mild water temperatures surfing is possible all year round! Our summers are typically warm enough to surf in boardshorts or a spring wetsuit and the winters are possible to surf in a light full wetsuit, which is the beauty of Southern California. Corky Carroll’s Surf School has both full winter wetsuits and summer spring suits to provide for our guests learning how to surf.

The Waves
To surfers waves are everything, so finding the right wave is necessary for different levels. Corky Carroll’s Surf School chose this beach for the gentle crumbling 3-5 foot waves, ideal for beginners.

An ideal beginner wave, offering a long and gentle break that crumbles, not crashes.
A wave that crumbles means it is breaking softly and slowly, it has an easier face for beginners to ride. A wave crashing is more powerful and fast, which is more difficult to catch and drop into.

The average swell height, wave size, ranges from 3-5 feet year-round.
Swell is the collection of waves moving away from a storm in the ocean. This swell as it heads into shallow water at your local beach will make the waves you surf. A small swell size, such as 3-5 feet is a very good size for people learning how to surf.

Bolsa Chica State Beach

Bolsa Chica’s waves are half the size of anywhere else.
Bolsa Chica State Beach faces west, so when the big South swell hits in April through October it is half the size of the beaches surrounding it, such as north of the cliffs through Newport Beach.

It is generally considered a longboard wave.
The bottom shelf at Bolsa Chica State Beach is shallower than other beaches.This shelf makes the waves smaller than anywhere else, creating calm waters making it a good place to learn how to surf.

Learning to Surf
Bolsa Chica State Beach, the slow rolling shape, generally short paddle, and mostly wide open beach is a great place to learn how to surf.

Safety comes first
Bolsa Chica State Beach has a sand bottom with small and mushy waves, this combination makes it one of the safest places to learn how to surf. Before going into the water safety in the water is something to learn first. Learning how to paddle out, knowing which way the current is going, protecting yourself from the board, and the stingray shuffle are a few things to learn. The stingray shuffle is shuffling your feet in the sand while in the water instead of taking big steps. The shuffling sends vibrations that scare away stingrays in the immediate vicinity, thus you won’t accidentally step on one.

Seeing as though Huntington Beach’s water temperature stays moderate year-round only a light wetsuit is typically needed. Depending on the time of year a wetsuit is important to protect against the elements, such as staying warm in colder water. Corky Carroll’s Surf School provides Ripcurl wetsuits for students learning to surf.

Board size and type
Bolsa Chica State Beach is a great spot for longboarders because of the slow rolling waves and longboards are the ideal type to learn on! The right size board is important for beginners, a big board provides more balance and stability. The student is provided a surfboard based on their height and weight. We take pride in our surfboards and getting you started on a real board, no soft-tops here. Unlike the soft-top Costco surfboards, Corky Carroll’s Surf School teaches surfing on high-end hand-shaped surfboards with a traditional concave bottom that provides the same safety of a soft-top surfboard.

Less paddling is needed at Bolsa Chica State Beach because the waves aren’t as powerful as other beaches. When beginning this is good because you want to spend your time catching waves not paddling the whole time! Learning how to paddle correctly is important because 90% of surfing is paddling. Starting off with a good paddle technique will help in the long run for getting out past the break. For now it will help with paddling into the waves to surf. Corky Carroll’s Surf School teaches the “4 disciplines of paddling”, 1st: waterline, 2nd: feet together, 3rd shoulders up, and 4th: Stroke.

Proper Stand up Steps

Standing up
Corky Carroll’s Surf School teaches the 3 steps to standing up: 1st: push-up, 2nd: drive the knee, and 3rd: rotate. Bolsa Chica’s slow rolling waves and long white water create perfect conditions for implementing the 3-steps to standing up and for all ages learning how to surf.

Let’s get out there!
Now that the basics have been discussed it’s time to get in the water. For first timers the inside area is a good place to start in the white wash. The waves don’t break there, so surfing the mushy white wash can help in learning to paddle and standing up.

As you can see Bolsa Chica State Beach is a beginner surfer’s paradise. Choosing the correct beach to take surf lessons is just as important as choosing the right surf school to learn at. The location is easily accessible, the conditions make for an easy introduction to surfing, and the waves are easy to ride. Also, consistent good waves and year-round mild water temperatures makes Huntington Beach the real “Surf City, USA.” Come and learn to surf at Corky Carroll’s Surf School at Bolsa Chica State Beach  https://www.surfschool.net/private-surf-lessons/

Sharks at Bolsa Chica in Huntington Beach?

No more shark paranoia: 5 facts that will ease your fear of sharks

Enough with the shark paranoia fed from the media. With the rise in technological consumerism, such as GoPros and drones, news coverage has been more focused toward shark sightings, causing people to mistakenly assume that there are more sharks in the water. Rather, they have always been around. The only difference now is that people have the technology to document. Certainly, sharks pose danger to those who enter the ocean, but so do other sea creatures, such as sting rays and seals. Anyone who enters the ocean must know that he or she is entering a wild environment that is home to wild sea life. Open water swimmers and surfers must be aware of the difference between SeaWorld and the ocean. The open sea is not an environment to fear, but one to respect. The most efficient way people can respect the ocean is if they educate themselves. Here are five shark facts that will answer some of your lingering questions regarding sharks.

1. Sharks do not like humans. They love stingrays.

Sea lions, fish, mollusks and even other sharks are a few of the sea creatures that sharks prey upon. The reason sometimes sharks bite humans is because we are mistaken for seals. In order to prevent a shark from mistaking you as its meal, it is advised to enter the ocean on a sunny, clear day. That way, a shark will have better vision differentiating between you and a seal as opposed to when the water is murky.

The good news is that sharks also eat stingrays. This predation helps our surfers and instructors in reducing the chances of getting stung from a stingray, which is more prevalent than getting attacked by a shark. Instructors are more likely to get stung because they are the ones walking along the ocean floor without a surfboard, while surfers are less likely to get stung because stingrays like to hide in the sand. Hence, stingrays serve as easy food for sharks because they rarely surface, making the ocean a safer environment for surfers.

2. The sharks seen off our coast are juveniles.

Sand tiger sharks are most common to our waters. Their name indicates that they stay near the bottom of the ocean, briefly swimming to the surface for air. Growing about 100 cm in length as juveniles, they are harmless. These sharks are extremely shy, making it an effort to avoid humans. According to an article from the OC Register, the juvenile great white sharks that have recently been reported on the media are being studied by Cal State University, Long Beach marine biologists.

3. There are no reports of a shark attack at Bolsa Chica State Beach.

Out of the 180 shark attacks dated from 1900 until present day throughout North America’s Pacific Ocean, only four have occurred in Huntington Beach. However, the Shark Research Committee considers a shark mistakenly bumping into a surfer while looking for fish to be an attack. The recorded “attacks” from Huntington have never resulted in any injuries. The committee also shows no record of any sharks attacks from Bolsa Chica.

4. You are more likely to get struck by lightning than get attacked by a shark.

The chances of you getting attacked by a shark are slim. According to the Florida Museum of Natural History, the odds of a fatal shark attack are 1 in 3,748,067. Florida Museum of Natural History also states that your chances of getting struck by lightning are 1 in 79,746. Those statistics should ease your worries.

5. Dolphins and sharks do not get along.

Sharks rarely attack dolphins, which is why dolphins are thought of to be guardians of the sea. A dolphin’s “bumping” behavior typically keeps sharks away from them. Since dolphins travel in pods, an individual shark can easily become intimated by a pod of dolphins. This is reassuring because dolphins can be seen almost every day in front of our camp.