Costa Rica FAQ

Where are you located?
Our location is four minutes from Playa Guionesa beach situated on the Nicoyan peninsula.

How do I get to you guys?
Once you book your airline to one of the major airports (San Jose or Liberia) we will handle the rest. We also offer a package which includes airfare.

Why choose your school over other schools?
Good question! One reason we built our facility for our all inclusive trip we are not open to the public just our guests. Another reason we teach you how to surf using basic fundamentals. We use REAL SURFBOARDS not foam or soft boards. I have never seen anyone in the water surfing on a soft or foam board so why start on one.

Is Costa Rica a safe place for a family vacation?
Yes! Particularly on our trips because we take you directly from San Jose to our rural hamlet at the beach.

What is the best time of year to visit Costa Rica?
Basically all year with the exception of September and October. Each season has its benefits and typical weather patterns but nothing in mother nature is for sure.

What are the waves like at your location?

The beach at our location is ideal for learning and getting good waves for both longboards and short boards. Within an hour drive either to the north or south there are breaks that will stimulate any surfer.

Do I need a passport to enter Costa Rica?
The only way for a U.S. citizen to exit the United States to Costa Rica is with a current U.S. passport.

What about the food and water is it safe?
Both the water and food at our location is safe and delicious. We feature a made to order breakfast and awesome buffet for lunch and dinner.

How is Costa Rica different from other Central American countries?
The number one reason it is extremely different than other Central American countries is that it's had a stable democratic government since 1948. We believe the most important factor which makes Costa Rica different than most other countries in the world is that THEY LIKE AMERICANS!

Why should I travel to Costa Rica on one of your packages?

Easy answer! Because we are service driven. Our goal is to facilitate your trip into an experience you will never forget. Also we find it very important that when you come on our trips you are a local not just another gringo tourist. We immerse you into this great country and culture.

If I want to come with someone that does not want to surf. Do you have a package for this and are there things to do other than surf?
No problem! We do have a package for this situation and there are plenty of things to do when traveling to Costa Rica(rent ATV’s, yoga classes, kayaking tours, canopy tours, massages, hiking, snorkeling).