Choosing a Costa Rica Surf Camp

Choosing a Costa Rica Surf Camp



Costa Rica, traditionally referred to as Rich Coast, lives up to the standards of the name. If you are seeking for adventure, you will love Costa Rica. The surf breaks in Costa Rica are amazing and fun both to the newbie surfer and to the advanced surfer. You may choose to enjoy in a Costa Rica surf and yoga camp or just be in one of the Costa Rica surf camps. The coast of Costa Rica offers great beauty and exposes the traveler to a number of activities. For a beginner surfer, you can get Costa Rica surf lessons from the many schools near your camp or from the camp itself.

Costa Rica Surf Camps

The thrill of surfing is awakened by participating in a good Costa Rica surf camp. Costa Rica offers the best surf adventures, surf resorts, women’s surf camps and the best surf camps. Put simply, surf camps are destined places where you can surf. They also act as surf schools where new surfers, tourists and locals alike, are taught how to surf.

There are many surf schools, which you can see in Costa Rica surf camp reviews or on Tripadvisor. Some of the best Costa Rica surf camps includes Corky Caroll’s Surf Camp among others.

Choosing a surf camp will depend on your tastes and the town it is located in. Camps like Corky Carroll’s Costa Rica Surf Camp offers Costa Rica surf camp all inclusive packages, great prices and high class amenities. The professional team of staff there is friendly and besides, the camp prides a team of experienced surfers who have ISA certification, trained lifeguards and are skilled in giving first aid including CPR. You also get to learn advanced surfing there.

Women Surf Camps

If you want to enjoy at the most beautiful surf destinations in Costa Rica in secluded surf camps that only take in women, then join one of Costa Rica women surf camps. Leave your wetsuits at home and don your bikini. Most of these women surf camps are awash with women from all around the world and they are a chance to learn new skills and make new friends.

Costa Rica Surf Tours

You can explore the beauty of the coast of Costa Rica during your surf vacation. A number of surf camps offer advanced surf tours. Here, you are offered transport and travel in small groups. It is a chance to explore the best surf spots based on the tides and the swells at that specific time. If you are able to choose the best surf camp offering surf tours, you do not need to mind anything after paying your fees.

You can tell the surf camps apart by searching for Costa Rica surf camp reviews online. Ensure you know all the features, the amenities and the offers a camp gives before booking your space. Consider the location of the camp as this determines the price and the fun that goes with surfing.

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