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Choosing a Costa Rica Surf Camp



Costa Rica, traditionally referred to as Rich Coast, lives up to the standards of the name. If you are seeking for adventure, you will love Costa Rica. The surf breaks in Costa Rica are amazing and fun both to the newbie surfer and to the advanced surfer. You may choose to enjoy in a Costa Rica surf and yoga camp or just be in one of the Costa Rica surf camps. The coast of Costa Rica offers great beauty and exposes the traveler to a number of activities. For a beginner surfer, you can get Costa Rica surf lessons from the many schools near your camp or from the camp itself.

Costa Rica Surf Camps

The thrill of surfing is awakened by participating in a good Costa Rica surf camp. Costa Rica offers the best surf adventures, surf resorts, women’s surf camps and the best surf camps. Put simply, surf camps are destined places where you can surf. They also act as surf schools where new surfers, tourists and locals alike, are taught how to surf.

There are many surf schools, which you can see in Costa Rica surf camp reviews or on Tripadvisor. Some of the best Costa Rica surf camps includes Corky Caroll’s Surf Camp among others.

Choosing a surf camp will depend on your tastes and the town it is located in. Camps like Corky Carroll’s Costa Rica Surf Camp offers Costa Rica surf camp all inclusive packages, great prices and high class amenities. The professional team of staff there is friendly and besides, the camp prides a team of experienced surfers who have ISA certification, trained lifeguards and are skilled in giving first aid including CPR. You also get to learn advanced surfing there.

Women Surf Camps

If you want to enjoy at the most beautiful surf destinations in Costa Rica in secluded surf camps that only take in women, then join one of Costa Rica women surf camps. Leave your wetsuits at home and don your bikini. Most of these women surf camps are awash with women from all around the world and they are a chance to learn new skills and make new friends.

Costa Rica Surf Tours

You can explore the beauty of the coast of Costa Rica during your surf vacation. A number of surf camps offer advanced surf tours. Here, you are offered transport and travel in small groups. It is a chance to explore the best surf spots based on the tides and the swells at that specific time. If you are able to choose the best surf camp offering surf tours, you do not need to mind anything after paying your fees.

You can tell the surf camps apart by searching for Costa Rica surf camp reviews online. Ensure you know all the features, the amenities and the offers a camp gives before booking your space. Consider the location of the camp as this determines the price and the fun that goes with surfing.

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Visit our Costa Rica Surf Camp this Holiday


Wouldn’t it be inspiring to take a trip to an exotic location and discover something intriguing and enjoyable? There is absolutely nothing that is as much fun as learning to surf, and going to a classic Costa Rica surf camp to do simply that makes it even better. A location where you could delight in some of the most fantastic wild animals, azure blue waters, not to mention learning how to surf.

Costa Rica is just one of the most idyllic locations to learn to surf, as a result of the fantastic selection of seasides, with various wave types at each locale. Plus, our Costa Rica surf camp is a wonderful area to meet folks from all over the world that have the very same passions. A few of the very best relationships have actually been made at our Costa Rica Surf camp in Nosara.

Nosara Costa Rica Sunset Shore

If you stay on the coastline and want to learn to surf, our camp is the very best spot to learn due to the mildly sloped waves which are ideal for learning. At the Costa Rica surf camp you invest your days learning to surf and your nights reflecting on the day over a great meal with your surfing buddies.

Some Costa Rica surf camp locations like ours in Nosara have excellent, mild rolling waves and are perfect for brginning to surf. These surf camps often be much less crowded, much more relaxing and a whole lot more enjoyable, compared to other coastlines.

If surfing is your goal, its time to quit dreaming and time to begin learning, and you could do that rather quickly at Corky Carroll’s Costa Rica surf camp. Sieze the day and enjoy the moment…Learn to surf at Corky Carroll’s Costa Rica surf camp.

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A brief history of

Corky Carroll’s Surf School

Written by: Collin Walker


Everyone has a story on how they were introduced to surfing. Most of the time it involves someone who sets an impression on you, a character. Our typical family household was taken over by the surf business, here’s how Corky Carroll’s Surf School was created.
Rick Walker, my dad, had been commuting from Orange County to Los Angeles for the past 12 years working two jobs. The majority of his time was consumed by Life in Sports, a television show he produced. The show featured interviews with professional athletes from the past, present, and future. His goal was to grab the interest of not only the adults of the household but also the children. A sports show that families could watch together.
Life in Sports was not the success he anticipated, but the wave of change for Rick Walker, was soon to catch his attention.
I was 10 years old when I was converted to surfing. None of it was planned, it just happened. My mother’s friend invited me to join her son along with his friends for a week of learning how to surf. The man who taught us how to surf was a school teacher, ironically his name was Rick too. On the last day of our surfing week he arranged a BBQ at the beach inviting the parents.

 At the BBQ, my dad, Rick Walker, mentioned to Rick how he had tried surfing as a teenager. Rick suggested that my dad take the surfboard for a ride. My dad declined. Rick insisted, but my dad showed zero interest. Ready to show off my new skills, I voiced up. “ Come on dad, let’s go get one”

We rode our first wave together, and it took just that one wave for my dad to get hooked.

 By Monday of the coming week he ordered a surfboard and was surfing every morning before work. It wasn’t long until he couldn’t help but notice that his hometown had no surf schools. San Clemente had surf programs, but no surf schools in Huntington Beach!

 In October of 1995, at the Wind n Sea surf shop on Main St. Huntington Beach, Rick Walker approached Corky Carroll with the surf school concept, I don’t remember Corky’s exact words but his body language said it all. His arms stretched out wide and his smile seemed to stretch even wider. He obviously agreed to what my dad was proposing to him. I didn’t know it yet, but my world was about to change.

 I hadn’t yet seen someone glide across the surface of the ocean like he did. He didn’t even miss a wave, I thought to myself “This is why the surf school is called, Corky Carroll’s and not Rick Walker’s, this guy makes it look easy.”

My parents Rick and Karen took a risk and adventured into a new career path. We were not a typical surfing family, we were just a family, working together. They chose to name the surf school Corky Carroll’s, not only for his professional surfing accomplishments but for being a Huntington Beach surfing icon. He is responsible for the fundamentals and techniques that we are still using today. His professional surfing accomplishments include; winning over 100 surfing competitions including 4 time national surfing champion and 5 time international champion.

 Just as families grow and change, so has Corky Carroll’s Surf School. Rick Walker, our dad, announced his retirement at the end of this past summer. As of November 1st 2014 Kelsey and I are owners of Corky Carroll’s Surf School, an idea started from our parents, now a dream come true for my sister and I.

Celebrate the 20th anniversary with us in Costa Rica or Huntington Beach, CA!

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