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Surf camps Costa Rica – Make the most of the unique getaway destination.

When visiting Costa Rica, joining local surf camps Costa Rica is one of the best ways to fully enjoy the island life. Not only can you learn to surf from some of the world’s best instructors, but can enjoy the ultimate Costa Rica surf vacations when visiting the country. Whether it is a first time visit, or repeat trip, planning and booking with the best surf camps Costa Rica in advance, ensures a spot with the top camps, and allows you to save when booking your trip and camp instruction.

Choosing the top camps –
A Costa Rica surf camp retreat is a great way to enjoy the beaches, the island life, and learn how to surf from some of the world’s top instructors. With many local surf camps in Costa Rica, it is a good idea to use surf camps Costa Rica reviews, to help you choose one of the top camps. Reviews online, as well as from others who have visited the camp, are a great way to find out about it. From the type of instruction, to the lessons offered, and the best instructors, you can find plenty of information relying on reviews, when choosing a surf camp in Costa Rica.

Book together to save –
Booking all inclusive travels is the way to go if you want to save. When booking your hotel, air fare, and other accommodation needs, many online sites will allow you to book your surf camp retreat package as well. Doing this allows you to save on the cost of booking, allows you to ensure a spot in the camp, and allows you to save on the entire price you will pay for your Costa Rican getaway. Booking early, and booking online, is the best way to plan for your surf camp retreat to the island.

Setting the dates –
With the surf camps, you also have to know when to visit. Costa Rica is always a busy tourist season; but if you wish to book during peak seasons, you have to set the dates and book far in advance. If you wish travel during slower seasons, you can likely save on the price of accommodations, as well as the camp, due to the limited number of travelers. Regardless of when you plan to visit, if you are choosing a busy, well known surf camp, you should book early, so that you are guaranteed a spot in the camp of choice when you visit.

There are several local surf camps for you to choose from when visiting Costa Rica. Planning your trip early, booking in advance, and making use of online reviews, are all things which will allow you to not only save on the cost of the camp, but to ensure a spot, and to ensure you are choosing the best camp. Consider all of these relevant factors prior to booking your trip, if you wish to make the most of your vacation getaway, and enjoy your trip when you want to visit Costa Rica.

Why You Need Surf Camps and Surf Lessons


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If you have watched experienced surfers do their thing, you will note that it looks both effortless and fun. The way those professional surfers ride the waves with grace makes aspiring surfers fantasize of doing a 360. To the novice surfer, here are your news; surfing requires skills, effort and like any other skill, endless practice. Mastering the skills and riding the waves and the swells the way those surfers do on your TV requires patience too. The best surf camps will always make sure you learn your lessons before venturing into the deep waters and high tides.

Surfing is popular in several destinations around the world; surf camps Costa Rica, surf camps Los Angeles and much more. To this end, you can get surfing resources and instructional materials on the sport. You can read guides, manuals, online articles, watch videos, DVD and so much more. There are thousands of articles online dealing with the subject. Granted, the materials are always accurate and help you learn a lot on surfing. If you are the guy who learns through reading and watching, you will learn a hefty bit of surfing. Besides, you do not have to spend a buck as these resources are given out freely.

While this method of instruction is so popular, you still need surfing skills. To master the skill, you have to surf and surf again. The above method will work as a DIY but not many people are willing to risk the tides following an online DIY.

Benefits of Surf Camps

The lessons you get in a surf camp cannot be equated to those you get in books. Here, you learn everything about surfing from the basics, the equipment, posture and surfing techniques among others. You will be taught how to stay safe while battling the tides and what to do in case you trip off your surfboard.

The edge in training at surf camps Orange County or any other camps is the immediate feedback you get from your instructor. There is nothing that hastens your learning like having someone point out your weak points at every point in your surfing lessons. Besides pointing out what you are doing incorrectly, the instructor shows you the right way of doing it. You can also ask anything you are not sure of. It is safe to have someone besides you when you head to the oceans. The waters can be wild at times, you know.

During one of your surf vacations, you will meet people in the same level as you in a surf camp. You will motivate each other and learn faster. During your next surfing vacation, you will already have surfing buddies. So after reading your articles and watching those instructional DVDs, head out and register on a surfing camp.

Choosing a Surfing Camp

There are a number of surf camps which include women’s surf camps, kids surf camps, family surf camps and general surf camps where all meet. The one you choose will depend on the privacy you need and who accompanies you on your surf vacations.

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Surf Camp Costa Rica -Ideal Places For Surf Lessons In Costa Rica

We’d like to offer a quick rundown of all the wonderful places to choose an ideal surf camp in Costa Rica. The natural coastal environment continues to be exotic and inviting throughout the year, making fantastic destinations for surf camps in Costa Rica. Spanish is the most common language in the nation so, though not necessary, you might really want to brush up on some Spanish to make your stay that much more engaging.

Costa Rica is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean in the eastern as well as Pacific Ocean in the west, therefore organizing a variety of globally prominent coastlines. The climate is such that it gives practically the best surfing options throughout the year. This is true for the Pacific side as well as the Caribbean side.

Surf Camp Costa Rica Caribbean

The window for surfing on the eastern coastline does not last throughout the year as the waves are generally the outcome of hurricanes. It is not advised for a rookie to try surfing on this side. For brand-new board riders, the Pacific Coastline side is even more of an opening option.

Pacific Shore

The west side of the shore can be more broken down right into 3 distinctive areas, the North, Central and also South.

North Pacific Coastline

Tamarindo is a community with surprising appeal which supplies terrific surfing options for both rookies as well as skilled surfers alike. The very best times are in between December and also April. Tamarindo additionally provides Spanish courses so if you had an interest in discovering Spanish also, you will certainly have the most effective of both at hand.

Places such as Playa Naranjo have quite sturdy winds, specifically in between December and also March. This is an excellent area to discover surfing as a result of its area. You could additionally camp below yet a 4 wheel drive is advised here.

This is one of the most prominent locations for surfing in Costa Rica and also has some terrific waves for surfing.

Central Pacific Coastline – Surf Camp Costa Rica Playa Hermosa

Hermosa Coastline in the Central Pacific area keeps its waters in a steady swell window. The coastline goes for numerous miles so you could effortlessly locate a place where it is not as well crowded. The advantage is, this coastline is easily obtainable from San Jose.

South Pacific Shore

Playa Dominical has waves for all ability degrees. This is the location to go if you desire to experience diverse coastlines.

Before you consider an all inclusive surf camp in Costa Rica, make sure to put in your due diligence to research the best surf camp reviews, check rates with respect to your vacation budget (cheap costa rica surf camps do not always offer the best value and experience) and most importantly get in touch with the owners/directors of the camp and establish a relationship and build trust.

Interested in learning more about surf camps Costa Rica style? Our camp located in beautiful Nosara is an excellent option.

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Do Something Inspiring! –

Visit our Costa Rica Surf Camp this Holiday


Wouldn’t it be inspiring to take a trip to an exotic location and discover something intriguing and enjoyable? There is absolutely nothing that is as much fun as learning to surf, and going to a classic Costa Rica surf camp to do simply that makes it even better. A location where you could delight in some of the most fantastic wild animals, azure blue waters, not to mention learning how to surf.

Costa Rica is just one of the most idyllic locations to learn to surf, as a result of the fantastic selection of seasides, with various wave types at each locale. Plus, our Costa Rica surf camp is a wonderful area to meet folks from all over the world that have the very same passions. A few of the very best relationships have actually been made at our Costa Rica Surf camp in Nosara.

Nosara Costa Rica Sunset Shore

If you stay on the coastline and want to learn to surf, our camp is the very best spot to learn due to the mildly sloped waves which are ideal for learning. At the Costa Rica surf camp you invest your days learning to surf and your nights reflecting on the day over a great meal with your surfing buddies.

Some Costa Rica surf camp locations like ours in Nosara have excellent, mild rolling waves and are perfect for brginning to surf. These surf camps often be much less crowded, much more relaxing and a whole lot more enjoyable, compared to other coastlines.

If surfing is your goal, its time to quit dreaming and time to begin learning, and you could do that rather quickly at Corky Carroll’s Costa Rica surf camp. Sieze the day and enjoy the moment…Learn to surf at Corky Carroll’s Costa Rica surf camp.

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