Why You Need Surf Camps and Surf Lessons

Why You Need Surf Camps and Surf Lessons


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If you have watched experienced surfers do their thing, you will note that it looks both effortless and fun. The way those professional surfers ride the waves with grace makes aspiring surfers fantasize of doing a 360. To the novice surfer, here are your news; surfing requires skills, effort and like any other skill, endless practice. Mastering the skills and riding the waves and the swells the way those surfers do on your TV requires patience too. The best surf camps will always make sure you learn your lessons before venturing into the deep waters and high tides.

Surfing is popular in several destinations around the world; surf camps Costa Rica, surf camps Los Angeles and much more. To this end, you can get surfing resources and instructional materials on the sport. You can read guides, manuals, online articles, watch videos, DVD and so much more. There are thousands of articles online dealing with the subject. Granted, the materials are always accurate and help you learn a lot on surfing. If you are the guy who learns through reading and watching, you will learn a hefty bit of surfing. Besides, you do not have to spend a buck as these resources are given out freely.

While this method of instruction is so popular, you still need surfing skills. To master the skill, you have to surf and surf again. The above method will work as a DIY but not many people are willing to risk the tides following an online DIY.

Benefits of Surf Camps

The lessons you get in a surf camp cannot be equated to those you get in books. Here, you learn everything about surfing from the basics, the equipment, posture and surfing techniques among others. You will be taught how to stay safe while battling the tides and what to do in case you trip off your surfboard.

The edge in training at surf camps Orange County or any other camps is the immediate feedback you get from your instructor. There is nothing that hastens your learning like having someone point out your weak points at every point in your surfing lessons. Besides pointing out what you are doing incorrectly, the instructor shows you the right way of doing it. You can also ask anything you are not sure of. It is safe to have someone besides you when you head to the oceans. The waters can be wild at times, you know.

During one of your surf vacations, you will meet people in the same level as you in a surf camp. You will motivate each other and learn faster. During your next surfing vacation, you will already have surfing buddies. So after reading your articles and watching those instructional DVDs, head out and register on a surfing camp.

Choosing a Surfing Camp

There are a number of surf camps which include women’s surf camps, kids surf camps, family surf camps and general surf camps where all meet. The one you choose will depend on the privacy you need and who accompanies you on your surf vacations.

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  1. Alicia Byrne
    Alicia Byrne says:

    I agree with you that joining a surf camp can help us learn proper surfing techniques while getting new friends. My son is interested in surfing and he suggested to me about going to a surf camp. I think that it is a good idea and I will definitely do some research to decide which camp to send him to.


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