6 Recreational Activities to Enjoy at the Huntington Beach State Beach

If you ever want to visit Southern California, stop at the Huntington Beach State Beach and enjoy a plethora of recreational activities. Located in Orange County at the city of Huntington Beach, the beach is a popular destination for tourists in Orange County as well as all beach enthusiasts. It is a protected beach and thus you feel secure every time you visit it. You will enjoy the Huntington State Beach fire pits for bonfires, volleyball, basketball, fishing, and much more. The feeling of security fills you given that the beach is patrolled by lifeguards all year round.

Besides the great recreational facilities and activities you can enjoy, you can get a Huntington Beach State Beach parking pass for any type of vehicle. The fees you pay to get a Huntington Beach State Beach pass allows you to park on any part of the beach you visit for a whole day. This makes it possible for you to carry your family to the beach.


If surfing is your sport, the Huntington Beach State Beach is a premier surfing destination. The beach faces the true south and thus gets all the swells from the South during summer, late spring and into the fall. When the North/West swells combine with the South swells, you get the thrill of surfing no other place can provide. However, due to sandbars, novice surfers are not encouraged to surf at this spot. Until you have had Huntington Beach State Beach surf lessons, stay away from surfing here.


You will love swimming at the beach if you are an experienced swimmer. The lifeguard towers makes it safe to swim at the beach. However, it is important to note that the ocean currents can get very high here and create large rip currents. It is not a good place for swimming lessons. When you swim, stay close to the shore and ensure a lifeguard tower is on sight.


Enjoy the great South California sunshine just basking and letting the rays hit your skin. The Huntington State Beach is a little bit less breezy than the rest of South California and thus the weather is great for sunbathing. Nevertheless, the place can be cold at times.


Would you like to surf fish? If you do, welcome to the beach and catch a perch, a corbina, guitarfish, croaker, shovelnose or a cabezon (these are the most common types of fish at the beach). All you need is a fishing license and you are good to go. The beach allows surf fishing as long as there are no swimmers close by.

Fire Pits

There are fire pits all across the beach where you can light bonfires. Fires are allowed until the park closes. However, be sure not to use wood pellets as this is prohibited. To get a fire ring, you have to be early.


A snowy plover reserve and a least tern located at the southern beach end gives you a great birdwatching view. After you get the Huntington Beach State Beach Parking pass, you enjoy birdwatching as you will. You are however not allowed to trespass or carry your dog with you.

Surf camps Costa Rica – Make the most of the unique getaway destination.

When visiting Costa Rica, joining local surf camps Costa Rica is one of the best ways to fully enjoy the island life. Not only can you learn to surf from some of the world’s best instructors, but can enjoy the ultimate Costa Rica surf vacations when visiting the country. Whether it is a first time visit, or repeat trip, planning and booking with the best surf camps Costa Rica in advance, ensures a spot with the top camps, and allows you to save when booking your trip and camp instruction.

Choosing the top camps –
A Costa Rica surf camp retreat is a great way to enjoy the beaches, the island life, and learn how to surf from some of the world’s top instructors. With many local surf camps in Costa Rica, it is a good idea to use surf camps Costa Rica reviews, to help you choose one of the top camps. Reviews online, as well as from others who have visited the camp, are a great way to find out about it. From the type of instruction, to the lessons offered, and the best instructors, you can find plenty of information relying on reviews, when choosing a surf camp in Costa Rica.

Book together to save –
Booking all inclusive travels is the way to go if you want to save. When booking your hotel, air fare, and other accommodation needs, many online sites will allow you to book your surf camp retreat package as well. Doing this allows you to save on the cost of booking, allows you to ensure a spot in the camp, and allows you to save on the entire price you will pay for your Costa Rican getaway. Booking early, and booking online, is the best way to plan for your surf camp retreat to the island.

Setting the dates –
With the surf camps, you also have to know when to visit. Costa Rica is always a busy tourist season; but if you wish to book during peak seasons, you have to set the dates and book far in advance. If you wish travel during slower seasons, you can likely save on the price of accommodations, as well as the camp, due to the limited number of travelers. Regardless of when you plan to visit, if you are choosing a busy, well known surf camp, you should book early, so that you are guaranteed a spot in the camp of choice when you visit.

There are several local surf camps for you to choose from when visiting Costa Rica. Planning your trip early, booking in advance, and making use of online reviews, are all things which will allow you to not only save on the cost of the camp, but to ensure a spot, and to ensure you are choosing the best camp. Consider all of these relevant factors prior to booking your trip, if you wish to make the most of your vacation getaway, and enjoy your trip when you want to visit Costa Rica.

Making Most of the All Inclusive Family Resorts in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country, situated in the heart of Central America between Panama and Nicaragua, known for dense rain forest, immaculate tropical beaches and towering volcanoes. Lots of vacationers and families visit this place every year to explore its history of rich culture and unexplored land. Most of the families coming here usually search for Costa Rica family resorts and specially Costa Rica all inclusive family resorts to save their time in planning their tour program. Though Costa Rica resorts kids can be another option for you, if you have kids with you, but you can also enjoy the most with your kids at Costa Rica family resorts all inclusive if you follow the following tips.

Tips to get the most of your Costa Rica family resort

Arrange enough eatables: After checking-in one of the family resorts Costa Rica you should collect information about the snack bars and restaurants at your disposal and their working hours to arrange suitable eatables for your kids before going o a trip. In fact you cannot enjoy your trip if your kids are hungry. You pack the snacks and fruits of their choice in handy containers or zippered bags so that they can eat them throughout the day until dinner, if it is expected to be late.

Offer tip: While going on Costa Rica family vacations you should not hesitate tipping the people working at the resorts as few dollars spent on them make no difference to you but to them indeed, though most of the Costa Rica all inclusive family resorts claim to include tipping. You must adjust some extra dollars for this purpose while planning your trip but you should not overdo it otherwise it can disturb your budget. A buck or two to the housekeeping or at meals can help you in getting good service at any stage.

Manage your habits: When you are travelling with your kids then you should make up your schedule according to them as your punctuality of time may not work here. There are chances that you get in to the dining room at the same time every night so you should be ready for it. It can be a beneficial situation for you. If that really happens to you in Costa Rica then you should fix your table in the restaurant of the resort so that you are served by the same staff who is pleased from your tipping habit. You will find that your table is well arranged for you, whether it is dining time or breakfast time in the morning, if you have fixed your table and time according to your kids. Though some Costa Rica family resorts all inclusive may offer other options to make it convenient for you but still you can do as you feel suitable, if your kids are choosy in this regard.

Thus the tips provided in this write-up can help you to enjoy the most at any of the Costa Rica family resorts with which you have planned an all-inclusive trip.

Some of the Things to Do At Huntington Beach for Budget People

With vibrant downtown packed with dining and shopping options and 10 miles of broad sandy beaches there are lots of things to do Huntington Beach within your budget. Some of the Huntington Beach attractions are list here under for your consideration.

· Free access to Huntington Beach allows you to enjoy splashes of the waves and taking sunbath throughout the day on beach sand.

· Huntington Beach Main Street is the perfect place to spend your evening after spending whole day on the beach.

· You can also go for fishing off the pier at Huntington Beach as no license is required here for this purpose. You can do that for free.

· There are a number of free courts near the Huntington Beach Pier along its coastline which allow you to play beach volleyball free of cost.

· The street performers performing on every Tuesday evening during Surf City Night on the main street are among the other attractions in Huntington Beach

· The 1850 feet long pier at Huntington Beach allows the visitors to view surfers and sunset

· More than 200 species of birds at Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve nearly five miles from this beach is also among the attractions Huntington Beach invites visitors to visit.

· One can also visit Shipley Nature Center in the Central Park at Huntington beach to know about naive plants found in California as many free kid-friendly events and educational seminars are held here for general public.

· Skateboarding, roller skating or biking along the 8.5 mile long paved path along the beach is also one of the things to do Huntington Beach by the visitors without burdening their pocket.

· The new Wetlands and Wildlife Care and Education Center at the Wetlands Huntington Beach allow you to learn about the ecology of this region.

· One can have of exploring Huntington Beach Main Street in the downtown in the evening on Tuesdays and weekends.

· The monthly Art Walk is also among the Huntington Beach attractions which invite the visitors to explore downtown on the third Thursday of every month. You get a map of the locations of the artists at evening event from the International Surfing Museum. They also offer wristbands to the visitors to allow them discounts at the participating businesses and restaurants.

· The Surfing Hall of Fame along the northern side of Main Street is among the attractions in Huntington Beach, starting from the Surfboards of Jack, as it allows the visitors to explore the surfing items of their choice.

· Many boutique stores at The Strand on Main Street invite visitors for window shopping

· The Vans Off the Wall Skatepark is among numerous Huntington Beach attractions which allow you to test your skills free of cost. Those who do not travel with their gear can avail rentals available here.

· The International Surfing Museum in Huntington Beach downtown can be visited almost free of cost as they ask to donate only $2 per visitor which is not too much to affect your budget.

Thus there are lots of fun things to do Huntington Beach without affecting your budget considerably.

How to enjoy your surf lessons Santa Monica?

The heat of Southern California in summer may not be a favorite of every one living in or visiting the area. But, this very weather is just perfect for surfers looking for some surf lessons Santa Monica. Compared to the winters, surfing in summers in Santa Monica will definitely provide you with the best conditions for beginners like you. This is because; during this time the waves are quite mellow and have small peaks and so a beginner will be able to manage the waves quite easily. Besides this, as the weather is warm there will be no need to buy or rent wetsuit.

Having said that, with the tips mentioned here you can learn to surf Santa Monica no matter if it’s summer or winter:

Find the best Instructor

The success in learning the surf lesson effectively is very much depended on the instructor you pick. Yes, it is very much understandable that you want to save some bucks and learn few pointers from some local surfer. But, it is highly advised that this is avoided. They might be good surfers but that do not mean that they are good teachers. Surfing can get risky and hence to make sure you are getting the best surf lessons Santa Monica, always go with a professional.

Option of private lessons and group lessons

When you are learning to surf for the very first time, it is quite obvious that you will fall a couple of times before you get the hang of it. Most people get embarrassed because of this, and they end up ditching on the lesson. If you feel uncomfortable learning in front of a crowd and your fellow batch mates, then take the advantage of private surf lessons Santa Monica.

The fact that it is a huge beach will also work in your favor if you are looking for privacy. There are many popular crowded spots where beginners start their surfing lessons but, there are also many other spots that remain secluded. With a private lesson and a secluded place you can learn comfortably without the worries of being embarrassed or crashing into another surfer.

Here it should be mentioned that, if you select a qualified professional then you can choose between private and group surf lessons Santa Monica. So, if private lessons are not your thing and you want to learn surfing with your closest buddies then, you have the option to choose group lessons. Besides, group lessons can be very motivating of you. As, then you will get to meet new people with same interest and also can gain enthusiasm to do better.

Don’t rush it

Giving time to your surfing lesson is a very crucial. So, trust the process adopted by your instructor. Surfing cannot be learnt in a day and what might work for others, might not be the right method for you. So, give your instructor the time to figure out what is best for you and then take your time to learn that specific Santa Monica surf lessons and then practice quite often to become good at it.

So, these were some of tips which every beginner should know. Now, follow these tips and you will be able to use your surf lessons in Santa Monica to be an excellent surfer.

Why Surfing School in Costa Rica is Fun and Just Makes Total Sense


Surfing is simply one of those types of recreational sports that looks both greatly entertaining and effortless at the same time. When you see that moment when the professional surfer makes contact with that epic wave, it is a truly inspiring snapshot of what aspiring surfers all dream about the most. This may be an amazingly moving moment but for all of those surfers who are just starting out, it makes absolute sense to tell them that there is a lot of great skill involved with surfing. With every skill that we developed, it needs to take a little time and mastering which always calls for a great work ethic and lots of practice. This is why attending surf school Costa Rica is one of the best decisions that any surfer can make.

Luckily, surfing happens to be one of the most beloved sports in existence and because of that, there happens to be tons of great knowledge and tips that can be passed on to those who are eager to learn the sport. Costa Rica surf lessons will enable a person to learn the true spirit of the sport, along with the various special methods, tactics, patience and fortitude that it ultimately takes to become a fantastic surfer.

Learn the Appropriate Techniques to be the Best Surfer You Can Be

Costa Rica surf lessons show you just about everything you could ever possibly need to know about when it comes to all things surfing. You will be enabled effective learning regarding all of the basics surrounding the sport of surfing. You will also be lessoned on how to maintain adequate posture, techniques, the various equipment utilized and just about pretty much everything you would like to find out.

A Costa Rica surf school will also teach you all the vital safety measures, like what is the proper protocol to activate when you fall off a surfboard in the process of real life action. If you have any specific question regarding surfing, the instructor will be more than happy to fill you in on what you want to know and need to know.

If you were to take one thing from these highly important lessons, it would more than likely come from the instructor’s feedback in relation to what you are doing wrong and what you are doing right. That is when the surfing instructor will enlighten you on the things that you need accomplish in order to render essential surfing methods. If you ever find yourself totally unsure of what you are trying to achieve, you will always have the support around via an incredible and experienced staff to help you out and get you back on the right track.

Enjoy Meeting New People

Another thing that is really great about surf school Costa Rica is that you will be able to meet people who are within the same level of skill as you and not to mention interest, so it will also end up being a great experience from the social aspect. So, what you have to do is get signed up as soon as you possibly can and begin your road to becoming a fully well-rounded surfer that knows the in’s-and-out’s of the sport. All you have to do is just look at all of the surf school costa rica reviews, you can see right away that there are more than enough happy people riding the waves the right way.

Learn How to Surf Like a Pro with Surfing Lessons in Los Angeles



Surfing has provided numerous individuals with the most amazing moments, loaded with adrenaline and inspiration. While those spectacular occasions are something that just can’t be beat, it takes a lot of work and drive to become that good of a surfer who can ultimately handle those divine waves. That is why obtaining fun and educational surf lessons los angeles is a must for those who want to become the kind of surfers who inspire and enjoy such a magnificent sport as surfing, all at the very same time.

Even though it is a good thing to begin surfing while you are still young, any age can pursue it and no doubt have a blast of a time while you are learning it. As many of you can see, there is somewhere around 95% of the surfers who inhabit the water are typically paddling their ways around as opposed to riding the waves. The reason is because it does take a lot to become a good surfer, especially in the physical department. Surfer’s must slowly accumulate a great amount of upper-body strength and it is the conditions in which they train that will ultimately get them there.

Learn the Fundamentals of Surfing

To garner that type of conditioning it will take a good deal of confidence along with every type of possible ocean setting and scenario. Los Angeles surf lessons will function under a particular amount of focus which will provide the proper teachings regarding how to be proactive in terms of safety and of course the basic but highly knowledgeable fundamentals on how to be a great surfer. There a specific scenarios incorporated within the lessons to assure that every individual in the class or receiving the information adequately and that it will be knowledge which will stay with them forever.

The bottom line is, taking a surf lesson los angeles is undeniably a fun and certainly exhilarating time for anybody who attends. You will be shown in the very best way possible regarding how to properly ride a surfboard and the beneficial paddling techniques that will play such a pivotal role as you go along. Then the moment will arrive when you finally make contact with the water and you will begin what will be a fantastic tenure of your recreational life. With surf lessons Los Angeles yelp, you will learn how to adequately position your body and balance correctly at the same time you are riding the waves.

Learn to surf camp will normally take you out to intermediate areas of the water when you first begin. Here you will learn how to retain the best focus you can while learning how to stabilize yourself just right to continue your ride. Slowly but surely, you will get to take on more of the challenging waves to see where your skill level is and from there you will know where you stand.

Find Your Greatness

The best surf lessons Los Angeles is where to start becoming what you were always meant to be, a great surfer with endless stories to tell everybody about how many epic waves you have ridden. Surf lessons Los Angeles is what so many others have done to get to their greatness, this just happens to be your time.

Choosing a Costa Rica Surf Camp



Costa Rica, traditionally referred to as Rich Coast, lives up to the standards of the name. If you are seeking for adventure, you will love Costa Rica. The surf breaks in Costa Rica are amazing and fun both to the newbie surfer and to the advanced surfer. You may choose to enjoy in a Costa Rica surf and yoga camp or just be in one of the Costa Rica surf camps. The coast of Costa Rica offers great beauty and exposes the traveler to a number of activities. For a beginner surfer, you can get Costa Rica surf lessons from the many schools near your camp or from the camp itself.

Costa Rica Surf Camps

The thrill of surfing is awakened by participating in a good Costa Rica surf camp. Costa Rica offers the best surf adventures, surf resorts, women’s surf camps and the best surf camps. Put simply, surf camps are destined places where you can surf. They also act as surf schools where new surfers, tourists and locals alike, are taught how to surf.

There are many surf schools, which you can see in Costa Rica surf camp reviews or on Tripadvisor. Some of the best Costa Rica surf camps includes Corky Caroll’s Surf Camp among others.

Choosing a surf camp will depend on your tastes and the town it is located in. Camps like Corky Carroll’s Costa Rica Surf Camp offers Costa Rica surf camp all inclusive packages, great prices and high class amenities. The professional team of staff there is friendly and besides, the camp prides a team of experienced surfers who have ISA certification, trained lifeguards and are skilled in giving first aid including CPR. You also get to learn advanced surfing there.

Women Surf Camps

If you want to enjoy at the most beautiful surf destinations in Costa Rica in secluded surf camps that only take in women, then join one of Costa Rica women surf camps. Leave your wetsuits at home and don your bikini. Most of these women surf camps are awash with women from all around the world and they are a chance to learn new skills and make new friends.

Costa Rica Surf Tours

You can explore the beauty of the coast of Costa Rica during your surf vacation. A number of surf camps offer advanced surf tours. Here, you are offered transport and travel in small groups. It is a chance to explore the best surf spots based on the tides and the swells at that specific time. If you are able to choose the best surf camp offering surf tours, you do not need to mind anything after paying your fees.

You can tell the surf camps apart by searching for Costa Rica surf camp reviews online. Ensure you know all the features, the amenities and the offers a camp gives before booking your space. Consider the location of the camp as this determines the price and the fun that goes with surfing.

Interested in finding out more?

Call Corky Carroll’s Surf Camp at 714-969-3959 or visit our contact page.