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Why You Need Surf Camps and Surf Lessons

Why You Need Surf Camps and Surf Lessons   Video on surf camps Costa Rica If you have watched experienced surfers do their thing, you will note that it looks both effortless and fun. The way those professional surfers ride the waves with grace makes aspiring surfers fantasize of doing a 360. To the novice […]

All Inclusive Vacations Costa Rica

All Inclusive Vacations Costa Rica When traveling in Costa Rica, an all inclusive resort might simply be the best way to go. Equated into ‘rich shore’, Costa Rica is among the most amazing as well as attractive nations in the entire area. There are miles of impressive shore line, thick and also lush forests, and […]

Learning to surf

Because the ocean is part of nature, you should always have a keen awareness of your surroundings: currents may make you drift north or southward; riptides can pull you out deeper into the ocean. But with time and practice, you will know for which waves to paddle and from which conditions to stay away. Follow […]

Surf vacations for beginners

   Surf vacations for beginners Surfing the waves in various components of the globe is a part of this encounter. Surfing vacations are ideal for couples, solo individuals or for a group of good friends looking for enjoyable and also brand-new journeys. Surfing is a distinct encounter for many individuals. Several of them end up […]

Surf Lesson on Life

Surf Lesson on Life   We found this great article on how the ocean and surfing can be a great guide to our overall lives in and out of the water…We fully agree with this outlook…enjoy! Learn to Surf the Waves of Life Life is like the ocean: Sometimes it’s stormy, choppy, and a complete […]

Best of Costa Rica

Best of Costa Rica Travel     In addition to the best Costa Rica beaches, we want you to discover the best destinations that Costa Rica has to offer when considering a surfing vacation with us. With you in mind, one of the best areas in Costa Rica is the Arenal volcano…We found the following […]