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The Ultimate Surfing Holiday Destination

Nosara, Costa Rica: The Ultimate Holiday Travel Destination What gift should you get that favorite surfer in your life this holiday season? Why not give the best surfing gift of all and celebrate in style with an unforgettable journey to one of the most picturesque and sought after surf destinations in the world. Come surf […]

You down with the Foam Tops!?

Nothing Says I Love You Like the Gift of a Foam Top for Valentine’s Day Is it OK to let your homie ride a foam top? Simply put… Yes Ride The Foam Top! Hey guys, today I am focusing on the formerly taboo topic of soft top foam surf boards or “foamies.” Surf culture can […]


Why the long board is chairman of the board

A Surfer for President? Why the Long board is Chairman of the Board Image- Recording artist Corky Carroll “Surfer for President” What were long boards called  before the revolution of  shortboards sparked up in the 50’s & 60’s?…  Hey guys today I am answering that and: Why should I learn to surf on a longboard? […]

Wave Pool vs Real Ocean Surfing

Will the New High Tech Wave Theaters Change Surfing?  “Arizona?!” -Corky Carroll from the movie “The North Shore” 1987 In that one-word response to a pro surfer from a wave tank in AZ, Corky captured it all Kelly Slater Wave Co is working on opening his fully green, solar powered, programmable techno-wave ranch to the […]

El Nino in Southern California

What a refreshing start to the New Year! With years of long awaited rain, El Nino looks like it could help weaken California’s drought. Despite the excitement, it is vital that citizens take caution to these drastic weather reports allocated to this winter. Huntington Beach, also known as Surf City, has been greatly affected by […]