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What to Pack for Costa Rica

What should you pack for Costa Rica? Great question. We’re glad you asked. Packing for Costa Rica (or any other trip) shouldn’t be a chore. It should be exciting! Think of it as a preview of the fun to come. Though let’s face it, that is easier said than done. Deciding what to pack for […]

The Ultimate Surfing Holiday Destination

Nosara, Costa Rica: The Ultimate Holiday Travel Destination What gift should you get that favorite surfer in your life this holiday season? Why not give the best surfing gift of all and celebrate in style with an unforgettable journey to one of the most picturesque and sought after surf destinations in the world. Come surf […]


Why Bolsa Chica State Beach

Learn How to Surf at Bolsa Chica State Beach Corky Carroll’s Surf School has chosen Bolsa Chica State Beach in Huntington Beach, California as the perfect place to learn how to surf! The surf school has run its entire 22 years at this beach. This area was once called “Tin Can Beach” because of the […]

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Cell Phone Service in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Cell Phone Service Traveling to Costa Rica just recently became even easier as you can now use your US cell phone and cell phone plan while here! How It Used to Be Previously, you could either bring an unlocked phone to Costa Rica and then buy a SIM card and a temporary service […]

You down with the Foam Tops!?

Nothing Says I Love You Like the Gift of a Foam Top for Valentine’s Day Is it OK to let your homie ride a foam top? Simply put… Yes Ride The Foam Top! Hey guys, today I am focusing on the formerly taboo topic of soft top foam surf boards or “foamies.” Surf culture can […]


Why the long board is chairman of the board

A Surfer for President? Why the Long board is Chairman of the Board Image- Recording artist Corky Carroll “Surfer for President” What were long boards called  before the revolution of  shortboards sparked up in the 50’s & 60’s?…  Hey guys today I am answering that and: Why should I learn to surf on a longboard? […]

El Nino in Southern California

What a refreshing start to the New Year! With years of long awaited rain, El Nino looks like it could help weaken California’s drought. Despite the excitement, it is vital that citizens take caution to these drastic weather reports allocated to this winter. Huntington Beach, also known as Surf City, has been greatly affected by […]

Choosing A Surf School in Costa Rica

Property: Are you staying in a hotel or someone’s personal “resort”? Our guests stay with us on our private land. We have 6 bungalows that wrap around our own private pool. Great picture of the pool and rooms on our homepage of the site. We are not open to the public for walk up 1 […]

The surprises of being a surf school business owner

If you are a business owner, you know each day is guaranteed to be filled with surprises. Today we (owners of Corky Carroll’s Surf School) were rewarded with a gift from one of our employees. A gesture that surprised us because generally an employee is looking to receive not to give. We appreciate all that […]