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What to Pack for a Day at Surf Camp

Looking for a surf camp packing list? At Corky Carroll’s Surf School we are pros at making a day out of going to the beach and having fun in the ocean. We’ve been this for over 20 years, and have seen it all! So we definitely know what to pack for surf camp. From sunscreen […]


Soft Top Surfboards: Why Every Surfer Needs One

Soft top surfboards are a great board to have in any surfer’s quiver. In fact, we’ll go so far as to say every surfer should have one. Say what you will about them, but soft top surfboards are one thing above all else: FUN! After all isn’t that why we all started surfing in the […]

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When to Visit: Costa Rica’s Seasons

When to Visit: Understanding Costa Rica’s Seasons While most of the world celebrates traditional seasons like winter, spring, summer, and fall, Costa Rica experiences a wet season and a dry season. Although Costa Rica Seasons change, one season brings more rainfall, temperatures are warm year-round with the wet season yielding a little cooler temperatures. The […]

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Healthy New Year

Healthy Family. Healthy Friends. Healthy you. Healthy New Year 2019 is a fresh start. It’s a fresh page in your new, favorite book. It’s a tad bit cheesy, and a tad bit cliche. Yet, this is the chance of a fresh perspective. This New Year is a chance to look back, to be appreciative, and […]

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Poly vs Epoxy Boards: The Difference

Poly vs Epoxy Boards: What’s The Difference? When you buy or rent a surfboard, you probably don’t give much thought to the process that goes into making it. Who was the shaper? Where was it made? What type of foam blank was used? What type of resin was used to coat the board? While these […]

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Surf Lesson Tips: 3 Tips to Reinvent Your Surfing

3 Tips to Reinvent Your Surfing Want to Reinvent your surfing? Experience the endless summer at two unique locations: Huntington Beach, California and Nosara, Costa Rica. Whether you are a seasoned surfer or new to surfing, you may have questions or doubts about equipment and/or surf coaching. Here are a few tips we’ve rounded up […]

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Wave Pools: The Future

. 5 Artificial Wave Pools to Add to Your Bucket List In recent years, wave pools have been popping up across the globe, defying nature and providing perfect surf in the process. Each is unique in its construction and design but all are similar in the fact that they provide surf and stoke in places […]