New Year Resolutions

Congratulations, you survived 2017 and you’re ready to surf into 2018 looking, living and feeling better than ever! You made your list of New Year’s resolutions and now it’s time to get started and conquer those goals to make a lifestyle. Read on to learn how the sport of surfing can help you Get Fit, Learn Something New and Travel this year…

Looking to make a lifestyle change or find a new passion? Let our Huntington Beach surf school introduce you to an active, healthy, fun learning experience through the sport of surfing. Our professional coaches provide private lessons that teach you ocean awareness & safety, step-by-step instructions and proper techniques, taking you from curious student to enthusiastic surfer. Our programs are perfect for kids and adults of all skill levels. Learning how to surf is a great way to start your year off right.
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New Year Resolution


Resolution #2: GET FIT
If you hate the gym and are looking for another way to get into shape, look no further. Surfing incorporates a whole-body workout and can help you burn calories, lose weight, tone your muscles and improve balance, strength and flexibility. This is achieved through a combination of cardio exercise and yoga-like stretching before and after sessions. Paddling, pushing up, standing and staying on the board requires your body to wake up and work out. Upper body, lower body and core muscle groups in your arms, legs, back and abs are all targeted when surfing. It doesn’t just benefit you physically either but also mentally, as surfing pulls you away from the stresses of everyday life and connects you with nature and the outdoors.


new year to learn something new

Resolution #3: TRAVEL
You made a promise to yourself that this year you’re finally going to take that vacation and explore a different part of the world. Keep your promise, pack your bags and let us take care of the rest! Our all-inclusive surf camp and ranch is hidden away in the beautiful and exotic destination of Nosara, Costa Rica. Private bungalows, freshly prepared meals, surf lessons, a lagoon-style pool and transportation to and from the airport are all included! Our private property is located just minutes from the stunning white sand beach of Playa Guiones where there lies a perfect, uncrowded, sandy bottom beach break. There’s also plenty of nearby entertainment and activities to soak up including world class yoga studios, fishing, horseback riding, snorkeling, turtle watching and ziplining to name a few.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call and get started on your New Year’s resolutions today!

By: Alexis Folden

Learn How to Surf at Bolsa Chica State Beach

Corky Carroll’s Surf School has chosen Bolsa Chica State Beach in Huntington Beach, California as the perfect place to learn how to surf! The surf school has run its entire 22 years at this beach. This area was once called “Tin Can Beach” because of the amount of debris cluttering the shore. In 1961 state parks took over the beach and cleaned it up. It now offers three miles of wide sandy beach between Seal Beach and Huntington Beach. Bolsa Chica State Beach was chosen for Corky Carroll’s Surf School because the location, conditions, and waves make it an unbeatable combination for learning how to surf in Southern California.

Location, Location

For a surf school easy access and good facilities are essential. The parking comes easy, the fresh water showers are crucial, and black ball is nonexistent here.

Located in Huntington Beach, ten minutes North of Main street.
Being close to downtown Huntington Beach, yet not in the center of it all makes it a less touristic spot. Also, the location provides easy access from the 405 freeway. The adults taking private surf lessons and the kids attending summer surf camp don’t have to fight for waves and there is plenty of space on the beach. Being close to Main Street in Huntington Beach provides many options for shopping and food nearby.

Unlike the rest of the crowded beaches, parking is not an issue.
Away from the Huntington Beach pier and Main Street makes it easier to find parking with less tourists. It has a massive parking lot with many spots.

The facilities at Bolsa Chica State Beach provide hot/cold showers and clean private bathrooms.
After a salty day in the water there’s nothing like being able to take a fresh water shower. Allowing the parents and kids to get the sand and salt off before heading home or to Pacific City for a fun afternoon of shopping and dining.

Bolsa Chica State Beach

3-mile stretch of sandy beach along the famous Pacific Coast Highway.
The 3-mile stretch of beach allows for a nice place to spend the day with the family. Come watch the students surf, while enjoying the surf and sun. Also, lifeguards are on duty during the summer months. Fun tip – The Pacific Coast Highway goes from Baja, Mexico all the way to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington!

Bolsa Chica State Beach and the surrounding area is a natural adventure.
Camping overnight is possible in an RV/Trailer at a designated camping area. It doesn’t get better than camping steps away from the sand overlooking the ocean. On the other side of Pacific Coast Highway is the Bolsa Chica Wetlands where you can stroll on long walking paths, visit the Bolsa Chica Nature Center, or watch the numerous species of birds.

There is no black ball at Bolsa Chica State Beach
Black ball is a yellow flag with a black circle that lifeguards put out meaning no surfing allowed. This happens because of the amount of tourists in the water. Even though there is no black ball it is still a lifeguarded beach. Lifeguards patrol the beach year round while lifeguard towers are staffed roughly from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. At Bolsa Chica State Beach there is no black ball, so that means surfing all day!

At Corky Carroll’s Surf School the conditions are important for beginning surfers. Bolsa Chica State Beach has a gentle break, a sand bottom, and mild water temperatures year-round making for ideal beginner conditions.

A gentle break allows students to learn how to surf on the outside and inside.
The inside is closer to the shore where the waves have already broken. This area is mostly white wash, which is waves that have broken and washed out. These waves are easier to get into and best for beginners. The outside waves at Bolsa Chica State Beach break slow, allowing beginner surfers to enjoy them as well. Unlike the beaches south of Bolsa Chica State Beach, such as the Huntington Beach cliffs or Newport Beach where the waves break faster.

A sand bottom allows for gentler impact when a wipeout happens.
A wipeout is when you fall off your surfboard and as a beginner it is inevitable. With a sand bottom the ground is soft, so it is less likely to get injured and safer for all ages and ability levels learning how to surf.

 The average summer temperatures of the Pacific Ocean in Huntington Beach range in the high 60s, while winter brings slightly cooler water temperatures ranging from the high 50s to low 60s.
With the mild water temperatures surfing is possible all year round! Our summers are typically warm enough to surf in boardshorts or a spring wetsuit and the winters are possible to surf in a light full wetsuit, which is the beauty of Southern California. Corky Carroll’s Surf School has both full winter wetsuits and summer spring suits to provide for our guests learning how to surf.

The Waves
To surfers waves are everything, so finding the right wave is necessary for different levels. Corky Carroll’s Surf School chose this beach for the gentle crumbling 3-5 foot waves, ideal for beginners.

An ideal beginner wave, offering a long and gentle break that crumbles, not crashes.
A wave that crumbles means it is breaking softly and slowly, it has an easier face for beginners to ride. A wave crashing is more powerful and fast, which is more difficult to catch and drop into.

The average swell height, wave size, ranges from 3-5 feet year-round.
Swell is the collection of waves moving away from a storm in the ocean. This swell as it heads into shallow water at your local beach will make the waves you surf. A small swell size, such as 3-5 feet is a very good size for people learning how to surf.

Bolsa Chica State Beach

Bolsa Chica’s waves are half the size of anywhere else.
Bolsa Chica State Beach faces west, so when the big South swell hits in April through October it is half the size of the beaches surrounding it, such as north of the cliffs through Newport Beach.

It is generally considered a longboard wave.
The bottom shelf at Bolsa Chica State Beach is shallower than other beaches.This shelf makes the waves smaller than anywhere else, creating calm waters making it a good place to learn how to surf.

Learning to Surf
Bolsa Chica State Beach, the slow rolling shape, generally short paddle, and mostly wide open beach is a great place to learn how to surf.

Safety comes first
Bolsa Chica State Beach has a sand bottom with small and mushy waves, this combination makes it one of the safest places to learn how to surf. Before going into the water safety in the water is something to learn first. Learning how to paddle out, knowing which way the current is going, protecting yourself from the board, and the stingray shuffle are a few things to learn. The stingray shuffle is shuffling your feet in the sand while in the water instead of taking big steps. The shuffling sends vibrations that scare away stingrays in the immediate vicinity, thus you won’t accidentally step on one.

Seeing as though Huntington Beach’s water temperature stays moderate year-round only a light wetsuit is typically needed. Depending on the time of year a wetsuit is important to protect against the elements, such as staying warm in colder water. Corky Carroll’s Surf School provides Ripcurl wetsuits for students learning to surf.

Board size and type
Bolsa Chica State Beach is a great spot for longboarders because of the slow rolling waves and longboards are the ideal type to learn on! The right size board is important for beginners, a big board provides more balance and stability. The student is provided a surfboard based on their height and weight. We take pride in our surfboards and getting you started on a real board, no soft-tops here. Unlike the soft-top Costco surfboards, Corky Carroll’s Surf School teaches surfing on high-end hand-shaped surfboards with a traditional concave bottom that provides the same safety of a soft-top surfboard.

Less paddling is needed at Bolsa Chica State Beach because the waves aren’t as powerful as other beaches. When beginning this is good because you want to spend your time catching waves not paddling the whole time! Learning how to paddle correctly is important because 90% of surfing is paddling. Starting off with a good paddle technique will help in the long run for getting out past the break. For now it will help with paddling into the waves to surf. Corky Carroll’s Surf School teaches the “4 disciplines of paddling”, 1st: waterline, 2nd: feet together, 3rd shoulders up, and 4th: Stroke.

Proper Stand up Steps

Standing up
Corky Carroll’s Surf School teaches the 3 steps to standing up: 1st: push-up, 2nd: drive the knee, and 3rd: rotate. Bolsa Chica’s slow rolling waves and long white water create perfect conditions for implementing the 3-steps to standing up and for all ages learning how to surf.

Let’s get out there!
Now that the basics have been discussed it’s time to get in the water. For first timers the inside area is a good place to start in the white wash. The waves don’t break there, so surfing the mushy white wash can help in learning to paddle and standing up.

As you can see Bolsa Chica State Beach is a beginner surfer’s paradise. Choosing the correct beach to take surf lessons is just as important as choosing the right surf school to learn at. The location is easily accessible, the conditions make for an easy introduction to surfing, and the waves are easy to ride. Also, consistent good waves and year-round mild water temperatures makes Huntington Beach the real “Surf City, USA.” Come and learn to surf at Corky Carroll’s Surf School at Bolsa Chica State Beach

No more shark paranoia: 5 facts that will ease your fear of sharks

Enough with the shark paranoia fed from the media. With the rise in technological consumerism, such as GoPros and drones, news coverage has been more focused toward shark sightings, causing people to mistakenly assume that there are more sharks in the water. Rather, they have always been around. The only difference now is that people have the technology to document. Certainly, sharks pose danger to those who enter the ocean, but so do other sea creatures, such as sting rays and seals. Anyone who enters the ocean must know that he or she is entering a wild environment that is home to wild sea life. Open water swimmers and surfers must be aware of the difference between SeaWorld and the ocean. The open sea is not an environment to fear, but one to respect. The most efficient way people can respect the ocean is if they educate themselves. Here are five shark facts that will answer some of your lingering questions regarding sharks.

1. Sharks do not like humans. They love stingrays.

Sea lions, fish, mollusks and even other sharks are a few of the sea creatures that sharks prey upon. The reason sometimes sharks bite humans is because we are mistaken for seals. In order to prevent a shark from mistaking you as its meal, it is advised to enter the ocean on a sunny, clear day. That way, a shark will have better vision differentiating between you and a seal as opposed to when the water is murky.

The good news is that sharks also eat stingrays. This predation helps our surfers and instructors in reducing the chances of getting stung from a stingray, which is more prevalent than getting attacked by a shark. Instructors are more likely to get stung because they are the ones walking along the ocean floor without a surfboard, while surfers are less likely to get stung because stingrays like to hide in the sand. Hence, stingrays serve as easy food for sharks because they rarely surface, making the ocean a safer environment for surfers.

2. The sharks seen off our coast are juveniles.

Sand tiger sharks are most common to our waters. Their name indicates that they stay near the bottom of the ocean, briefly swimming to the surface for air. Growing about 100 cm in length as juveniles, they are harmless. These sharks are extremely shy, making it an effort to avoid humans. According to an article from the OC Register, the juvenile great white sharks that have recently been reported on the media are being studied by Cal State University, Long Beach marine biologists.

3. There are no reports of a shark attack at Bolsa Chica State Beach.

Out of the 180 shark attacks dated from 1900 until present day throughout North America’s Pacific Ocean, only four have occurred in Huntington Beach. However, the Shark Research Committee considers a shark mistakenly bumping into a surfer while looking for fish to be an attack. The recorded “attacks” from Huntington have never resulted in any injuries. The committee also shows no record of any sharks attacks from Bolsa Chica.

4. You are more likely to get struck by lightning than get attacked by a shark.

The chances of you getting attacked by a shark are slim. According to the Florida Museum of Natural History, the odds of a fatal shark attack are 1 in 4,332,817. Florida Museum of Natural History also states that your chances of getting struck by lightning are 1 in 79,746. Those statistics should ease your worries.

5. Dolphins and sharks do not get along.

Sharks rarely attack dolphins, which is why dolphins are thought of to be guardians of the sea. A dolphin’s “bumping” behavior typically keeps sharks away from them. Since dolphins travel in pods, an individual shark can easily become intimated by a pod of dolphins. This is reassuring because dolphins can be seen almost every day in front of our camp.

What a refreshing start to the New Year! With years of long awaited rain, El Nino looks like it could help weaken California’s drought. Despite the excitement, it is vital that citizens take caution to these drastic weather reports allocated to this winter.

Huntington Beach, also known as Surf City, has been greatly affected by El Nino in the past. In 1983, El Nino brought along surging waves that made the pier collapse. Because this year’s El Nino is expected to be the most intense with heavy rainfall, Surf City is taking extra precaution. The Huntington Independent stated that Huntington Beach marine-safety officials will install a 5-foot-tall by 20-foot-wide sand berm to protect ocean front properties in case of extreme high tides- also known as king tides.

el  nino

Beach goers are also taking care of the beaches by cleaning up trash. On December 12 2015, the Surfrider Foundation hosted a beach cleanup at Bolsa Chica State Beach.

Corky Carroll’s Surf School is looking forward to a building swell.  According to Surfline, El Nino creates warmer water temperatures that balance the colder air temperatures. This mixture of warm water and cold air creates extreme weather such as tornadoes and rain storms. The LA Times states that these changes in weather forecasts typically occur in early January and usually last until April.

People should be cautious of high tides and swells building; the ocean can be quite inviting for the adventurer, but also quite dangerous- even for the experienced surfers. Strong rain storms will affect people’s houses if flash flooding occurs. It is also important to note that the runoff from sewage all drains into the ocean whenever it rains, so the water quality will be pretty low; many surfers will probably get more sick than usual this winter.

Other than the high advisories, enjoy El Nino’s refreshing rainfall. And no matter how badly any surfer has desired his “Point Break” moment- remember to live to surf another day.

If you are a business owner, you know each day is guaranteed to be filled with surprises. Today we (owners of Corky Carroll’s Surf School) were rewarded with a gift from one of our employees. A gesture that surprised us because generally an employee is looking to receive not to give. We appreciate all that our team of surf instructors do for us, this is a very physical job both mentally and physically. A unique job site where not only do you have your boss supervising every move but also the parents of the surf school participants are present with expectations of seeing their kid surf. It’s easy to assume that the life of a surf instructor is nothing but tasty waves and a cool buzz. A big thank you to Todd Martinez for everything you have contributed and we wish you a strong and successful senior year at Long Beach State University.

Thanks for the coffee mugs!

Corky Carroll’s Family Owned Business

6 Recreational Activities to Enjoy at the Huntington Beach State Beach

If you ever want to visit Southern California, stop at the Huntington Beach State Beach and enjoy a plethora of recreational activities. Located in Orange County at the city of Huntington Beach, the beach is a popular destination for tourists in Orange County as well as all beach enthusiasts. It is a protected beach and thus you feel secure every time you visit it. You will enjoy the Huntington State Beach fire pits for bonfires, volleyball, basketball, fishing, and much more. The feeling of security fills you given that the beach is patrolled by lifeguards all year round.

Besides the great recreational facilities and activities you can enjoy, you can get a Huntington Beach State Beach parking pass for any type of vehicle. The fees you pay to get a Huntington Beach State Beach pass allows you to park on any part of the beach you visit for a whole day. This makes it possible for you to carry your family to the beach.


If surfing is your sport, the Huntington Beach State Beach is a premier surfing destination. The beach faces the true south and thus gets all the swells from the South during summer, late spring and into the fall. When the North/West swells combine with the South swells, you get the thrill of surfing no other place can provide. However, due to sandbars, novice surfers are not encouraged to surf at this spot. Until you have had Huntington Beach State Beach surf lessons, stay away from surfing here.


You will love swimming at the beach if you are an experienced swimmer. The lifeguard towers makes it safe to swim at the beach. However, it is important to note that the ocean currents can get very high here and create large rip currents. It is not a good place for swimming lessons. When you swim, stay close to the shore and ensure a lifeguard tower is on sight.


Enjoy the great South California sunshine just basking and letting the rays hit your skin. The Huntington State Beach is a little bit less breezy than the rest of South California and thus the weather is great for sunbathing. Nevertheless, the place can be cold at times.


Would you like to surf fish? If you do, welcome to the beach and catch a perch, a corbina, guitarfish, croaker, shovelnose or a cabezon (these are the most common types of fish at the beach). All you need is a fishing license and you are good to go. The beach allows surf fishing as long as there are no swimmers close by.

Fire Pits

There are fire pits all across the beach where you can light bonfires. Fires are allowed until the park closes. However, be sure not to use wood pellets as this is prohibited. To get a fire ring, you have to be early.


A snowy plover reserve and a least tern located at the southern beach end gives you a great birdwatching view. After you get the Huntington Beach State Beach Parking pass, you enjoy birdwatching as you will. You are however not allowed to trespass or carry your dog with you.

Some of the Things to Do At Huntington Beach for Budget People

With vibrant downtown packed with dining and shopping options and 10 miles of broad sandy beaches there are lots of things to do Huntington Beach within your budget. Some of the Huntington Beach attractions are list here under for your consideration.

· Free access to Huntington Beach allows you to enjoy splashes of the waves and taking sunbath throughout the day on beach sand.

· Huntington Beach Main Street is the perfect place to spend your evening after spending whole day on the beach.

· You can also go for fishing off the pier at Huntington Beach as no license is required here for this purpose. You can do that for free.

· There are a number of free courts near the Huntington Beach Pier along its coastline which allow you to play beach volleyball free of cost.

· The street performers performing on every Tuesday evening during Surf City Night on the main street are among the other attractions in Huntington Beach

· The 1850 feet long pier at Huntington Beach allows the visitors to view surfers and sunset

· More than 200 species of birds at Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve nearly five miles from this beach is also among the attractions Huntington Beach invites visitors to visit.

· One can also visit Shipley Nature Center in the Central Park at Huntington beach to know about naive plants found in California as many free kid-friendly events and educational seminars are held here for general public.

· Skateboarding, roller skating or biking along the 8.5 mile long paved path along the beach is also one of the things to do Huntington Beach by the visitors without burdening their pocket.

· The new Wetlands and Wildlife Care and Education Center at the Wetlands Huntington Beach allow you to learn about the ecology of this region.

· One can have of exploring Huntington Beach Main Street in the downtown in the evening on Tuesdays and weekends.

· The monthly Art Walk is also among the Huntington Beach attractions which invite the visitors to explore downtown on the third Thursday of every month. You get a map of the locations of the artists at evening event from the International Surfing Museum. They also offer wristbands to the visitors to allow them discounts at the participating businesses and restaurants.

· The Surfing Hall of Fame along the northern side of Main Street is among the attractions in Huntington Beach, starting from the Surfboards of Jack, as it allows the visitors to explore the surfing items of their choice.

· Many boutique stores at The Strand on Main Street invite visitors for window shopping

· The Vans Off the Wall Skatepark is among numerous Huntington Beach attractions which allow you to test your skills free of cost. Those who do not travel with their gear can avail rentals available here.

· The International Surfing Museum in Huntington Beach downtown can be visited almost free of cost as they ask to donate only $2 per visitor which is not too much to affect your budget.

Thus there are lots of fun things to do Huntington Beach without affecting your budget considerably.

Bolsa Chica Beach California


The Bolsa Chica State Beach Site visitor Facility showcases year-round interpretative display screens and also events. A beach mobility device is offered for rental, with ramps for sand access.There is a smooth beachside path that runs for 8.5 miles in between Bolsa Chica as well as Huntington State Beaches.

Bolsa Chica State Beach is a preferred state beach, attracting hundreds of thousands of site visitors to its place south of the area of Sunset Beach in Orange County. This location was when called “Tin Can Beach” and also came to be a state beach in 1960.

Bolsa Chica Beach Camping

Keep in mind: Camping tent outdoor camping is not allowed at Bolsa Chica State Beach. Fire rings are readily available everyday of the year from 6 am to 10 pm.

Wild animals and also bird viewing are additionally prominent at this state beach. The Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve is situated throughout the Pacific Coastline Highway (PCH) from the beach and also is run by the America Division of Fish and Game.

Bolsa Chica Beach Surf

Interested in Learning How to Surf at Bolsa Chica State Beach?

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Bolsa Chica Estuary:

Must See Near Bolsa Chica Beach

Considering that estuaries happen along the coast of seas some are situated in greatly inhabited locations. It welcomes builders to take into consideration draining and also loading estuaries to boost the value of shore-front property while also the demand to protect an equilibrium with the natural world.

Just before I saw one I really did not recognize just what an estuary was. Obviously an estuary is a mostly encased physical body of water that happens along the shore of a sea. Estuaries like the one near Bolsa Chica state beach are a location where fresh water and also salt water integrate developing a distinct atmosphere, holding a range of diverse wild life.

Bolsa Chica Wetlands

Several of the marvels to be discovered in an estuary are tiny, small blossoms, insects, as well as salamanders, to name a few. In order to preserve the Bolsa Chica ecological reserve balance, estuary volunteers invest some of their Saturdays cleaning up all trash let by their fellow residents and passers-by.

After checking out the estuary, don’t forget to enjoy a classic Bolsa Chica bonfire with your friends and family. The bonfire setting has long been a part of the Bolsa Chica history.

Don’t forget to stop by Corky Caroll’s Surf School and say hi!

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